MW Chapter 1690

Chapter 1690 – Entering the Planet Sized Immortal Palace

“Big Brother Lin, what are you worrying about?” Xiao Moxian softly asked as she saw Lin Ming’s frown.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment, but then said, “I just don’t want my choice to be seen by others in order to prevent the news from passing out. There might be those with evil intentions coveting my reward. Even if the reward cannot be transferred to others, there might still be those who will harm me in order to confirm what occurred!”

The final trial created by the Asura Road Master was far too important. There would likely be some old monster that would ignore all convention and shame to attack him. If so, even the Divine Runic Masters Guild couldn’t shelter him. If the treasures left behind by the Asura Road Master were compared to improved divine runic symbols, they were simply of two completely different categories!

“This brat, isn’t he going?”

“Hehe, he probably found out the immortal palaces require a completion percentage, so now he’s scared.”

The Divine Void Crown Prince and...

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