Chapter 169 - Fatebound Heartcrush Bug

Chapter 169 Fatebound Heartcrush Bug.


Chapter 169 – Fatebound Heartcrush Bug

Lin Ming lightly smiled and said as he cut the tall grass, “Do you think that if I hadn’t given them the sabers that I would be able to run away?”

Na Yi paused. Indeed, Lin Ming was only a young boy at the Altering Muscle stage. Even if the bald man and monkey-faced man were unarmed, Lin Ming would still not be a match for those two deviants.

However, since Lin Ming was aware enough of the situation to remark in such a way, that proved that at least he wasn’t too stupid. Na Yi was silent for a moment, and then said, “Then what are you planning on doing? Drug them? Do you think that will have any meaning?”

Lin Ming responded, “I’m not sure if it will, but I still have to try. In the end, aren’t you the same as me? I thought that the bald man and the monkey-faced man knew the way to this so called ‘ancient site’, but it seems that you are the one guiding them. If you help them, do you actually believe that they will let you and your sister go after taking the treasures?”

Na Yi’s lips twitched. Of course she had thought of these things that Lin Ming had said. She coldly replied, “You...

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