MW Chapter 1689

Chapter 1689 – Flying Towards the Immortal Palace

Suya naturally couldn’t show such open emotions like Xiao Moxian. With Lin Ming’s safe return, she tried to remain as calm and serene on the outside as she could.

“Sir Lin, thank the heavens and earth you managed to come out safely.”

Mo Brightmoon also came forwards. She asked with concern, “Lin Ming, are you wounded?”

Looking at Lin Ming’s appearance, it was hard to imagine what sort of brutal battle he had just undergone. That sort of scene must have been shocking.

Behind Mo Brightmoon, Fanny Fafa and Thousand Slaughter also rushed up to congratulate Lin Ming.

Thousand Slaughter heavily patted Lin Ming’s shoulder, not saying anything. Although they had only met some time ago, he and Lin Ming had fought side-by-side and there was some camaraderie between them.

Lin Ming’s teammates and friends, all of them celebrated his arrival. As for the other martial artists, they were still stewing in their shock, unable to regain their composure.

The storm in the Asura level gate just now was unusually fierce and wild, leaving all of them panic-stricken. They never imagined the real reason for this storm was that Lin Ming had completed the Asura level Gate of Laws trial.

Asura level difficulty. It had already...

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