MW Chapter 1688B

Chapter 1688B – The Shadow In the Vortex

Everyone was stunned and looked towards the Gate of Laws. They saw that it was the exit of the heaven-step difficulty that was shaking.

“Mm? Someone else came out?”

Before everyone had time to respond, a black-clothed young girl came hurtling out!

This young girl had a simple and beautiful appearance. Her body was slender and her complexion was only slightly pale. There was a bit of blood that stained her clothes.

It was clear it hadn’t been easy for her to pass the Gate of Laws!

This young girl that looked to be 17-18 years old was actually Xiao Moxian!

“Eh… she also passed?”

Many people were surprised. They originally believed that if Xiao Moxian were to enter the heaven-step difficulty, the chances were she would have more misfortune than good luck. But they never imagined she would successfully pass the trial.

“It isn’t strange. If I enter the heaven-step difficulty I can also pass, but my completion percent would be far too low. The benefits simply aren’t worth the cost,” the Divine Void Crown Prince suddenly spoke at this time.

Although it sounded like he was boasting, he was actually correct. If he could perfectly complete the earth-step difficulty, that meant that even though he could pass the heaven-step difficulty, he would at most obtain a 40-50%...

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