MW Chapter 1688A

Chapter 1688A – Taunt

All of the heavenly materials Lin Ming ate had been slowly absorbed by him during his prolonged battle. Slowly, the essence of these materials subtly integrated into his body.

In truth, to the current Lin Ming whose mortal body, soul, and inner world were already extremely powerful, these heavenly materials weren’t too advantageous.

To Lin Ming, the most precious things he obtained was the harvest he made in the Laws during those seemingly endless battles.

The opponents he faced in the Gate of Laws all had different combat methods, utilizing different Laws. After experiencing the might of these Laws, Lin Ming was able to broaden his horizons and obtain a far greater harvest.

In particular, during his final battle with the Black Asura, which gave Lin Ming an even deeper understanding of the Asura Heavenly Dao. However, all of this required time to digest.

Although Lin Ming seemed unconscious, the truth was that all sorts of fragments of the Great Dao Laws were submerged in his spiritual sea, slowly fusing into his very being and giving him new understandings.

As Lin Ming was continuing his trial,...

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