MW Chapter 1688A

Chapter 1688A – Taunt

All of the heavenly materials Lin Ming ate had been slowly absorbed by him during his prolonged battle. Slowly, the essence of these materials subtly integrated into his body.

In truth, to the current Lin Ming whose mortal body, soul, and inner world were already extremely powerful, these heavenly materials weren’t too advantageous.

To Lin Ming, the most precious things he obtained was the harvest he made in the Laws during those seemingly endless battles.

The opponents he faced in the Gate of Laws all had different combat methods, utilizing different Laws. After experiencing the might of these Laws, Lin Ming was able to broaden his horizons and obtain a far greater harvest.

In particular, during his final battle with the Black Asura, which gave Lin Ming an even deeper understanding of the Asura Heavenly Dao. However, all of this required time to digest.

Although Lin Ming seemed unconscious, the truth was that all sorts of fragments of the Great Dao Laws were submerged in his spiritual sea, slowly fusing into his very being and giving him new understandings.

As Lin Ming was continuing his trial, what was happening outside the Gate of Laws, on the third level of the final trial, was a completely different scene altogether.

The first group of people who successfully reached the third level were the weakest of the trial challengers. They were people who chose the easiest mortal step level difficulty, and within the mortal step level difficulty, one only needed to cross the aerial bridge to pass. There was no need to step onto the ancient continent and battle the numerous opponents that manifested from the Laws of the 33 Heavens.

As such, they only needed 3-4 days to pass the Gate of Laws. Afterwards, they could obtain their rewards and enter the fourth level.

But this fourth level was far more perilous than the last two levels! There was a dramatic rise in difficulty!

On the fourth level, it could be said that every step was filled with murderous intent, every step was a life or death crisis!

After a good number of trial challengers perished, many others decided to give up continuing the final trial and return to the third level. After all, these people were all extraordinary individuals of their respective influences and they had a glorious future awaiting them. After they visited the fourth level they realized that with their strength, they were far more likely to die than to survive. For them, they definitely wouldn’t go there just to die in vain.

Without a doubt, the final trial had many great lucky chances within. But if one didn’t even have their life, what use were these lucky chances?

So, more and more people returned to the third level. The third level was a place without danger; it was only meant for trial challengers to receive their rewards and rest. These people planned to wait here until the end of the final trial arrived. At that time, they would all be collectively teleported back to the inner Asura Road, at some random place above the Asura Sea.

And at this time, the Gate of Laws began to slowly spin as another batch of trial challengers emerged.

The one leading the group was a high-spirited young man wearing a star crown – he was the Divine Void Third Crown Prince!

“Your Highness Crown Prince!”

As the Divine Void Third Crown Prince appeared, many people who came from influences closely related to Divine Void Divine Kingdom came to greet him.

“Congratulations Crown Prince Your Highness on obtaining victory and perfectly passing the trial!”

Someone immediately sensed the mood and began to flatter him as much as he could. Just by looking at the Crown Prince’s energetic and happy expression, one could correctly guess that his trial had gone smoothly.

And in fact, he wasn’t wrong. The Divine Void Crown Prince had obtained the highest completion percent possible in the earth-step difficulty at 36%.

“Indeed, this level of accomplishment is truly worthy of Your Highness the Crown Prince! I think that Your Highness’s earth-step difficulty was far too low, perhaps the heaven-step difficulty would have been just right, haha!”

After confirming that the Divine Void Crown Prince had indeed perfectly passed, many people began to compliment him. However, the Divine Void Crown Prince’s smile didn’t last too long. Soon after, the Gate of Laws shook once more.

Bigflame, the direct disciple of Heavenly Union Divine Kingdom’s Divine Emperor had appeared.

Bigflame also had a wide smile on his rotund face. It was clear to everyone that he too had perfectly passed the trial. This left the Divine Void Crown Prince frowning a little. When he was undergoing the earth-step difficulty, the process hadn’t been too easy for him. He was originally hoping to roll over Bigflame with his score, but now it seemed they had both emerged even with each other.

For a time, the Third Crown Prince and Bigflame became the focus of the entire audience. The two of them could be said to be brimming with success. Although the earth-step difficulty was only the second level of difficulty, it wasn’t simple at all. Perfectly passing was an extremely difficult task and even many proud children of heaven from the various great influences here had only completed a part of it.

For the two to perfectly pass, they would be praised once they returned to their respective True Divinity Holy Lands.

At this time, Suya, Mo Brightmoon, and the others were all looking towards the blood red Asura level difficulty exit from the Gate of Laws. In such a festive atmosphere, the two of them were actually feeling worried and anxious.

Because of their profound trust in Lin Ming, even though he had chosen the Asura level difficulty that no one had passed in billions of years, they still anticipated a miracle to occur.

Lin Ming had been far too hasty in choosing the Asura level difficulty. Before others had enough time to fully explain to him the situation, the Gate of Laws had opened and sucked him in.

They didn’t think Lin Ming could complete much of the Asura level difficulty. As long as he passed through alive, they would already be thanking the heavens and earth.

“What is it? Junior-apprentice sister Suya, do you have any troubles on your mind?”

A light voice echoed out, causing Suya to frown. She turned to see a robed man walking towards her with a smile on his face. This person was Duke Fullmoon!

Duke Fullmoon had chosen the earth-step difficulty. Although he didn’t perfectly complete it, his performance had been adequate and he had obtained a great many things from the battles. From this alone, Duke Fullmoon was more than satisfied.

Although the Third Crown prince and Bigflame were the two who blossomed in splendor within the Gate of Laws trial, Duke Fullmoon was still in an extremely good mood. At this time, he held onto a folding fan, slowly fanning himself with an imposing expression on his face.

He certainly knew what Suya was worrying about. The reason he deliberately brought it up was to bring Suya down a notch.

He remembered that at the start of the Divine Rune City Auction, when he met Suya at the entrance, Suya had treated him coldly because of Lin Ming’s presence.

Duke Fullmoon had kept this memory to heart.

“Its nothing.”

Suya’s voice was cold and desolate, as if she didn’t care about Duke Fullmoon’s presence at all.

Duke Fullmoon thought little of it. He chuckled and said, “What, are you still thinking that Lin Ming will come out alive? It seems that junior-apprentice sister Suya really has a deep affection towards this Lin Ming. But what a pity… heroes in their youth simply do not know their own weight. To choose the Asura difficulty so recklessly just to win the attention of others, and yet the result is that no one cares about him. All his grandstanding has come to nothing…”

Duke Fullmoon smiled, his eyes sweeping over everyone else.

Nearly everyone was gathered around the Divine Void Third Crown Prince and Bigflame. Indeed, no one cared about Lin Ming.

In this final trial, Lin Ming wasn’t able to arouse much interest at all. After all, these people weren’t familiar with him and only knew he was the creator of the ‘Lin’ logo divine runic symbols.

When Lin Ming chose the Asura level difficulty, the others were startled, but that was all. After a moment, they realized Lin Ming was just putting on an act and he likely had some mental problems. Soon, everyone put this matter at the back of their minds. Now, they were all busy trying to be on good terms with the Third Crown Prince and Bigflame. The Third Crown Prince and Bigflame both came from True Divinity level influences and their talent was also extremely good. If those here could be on good terms with them, this relationship might be of help to them in the future.

As the Third Crown Prince and Bigflame were surrounded by a crowd of people, they slowly floated upwards. They were about to choose their own immortal palace reward.

But at this time, the Gate of Laws violently shook once more.

A blue-clothed woman flew out from the Gate of Laws!

Her clothes floated behind her and her entire body shined with pale blue Law runes. She was like an immortal fairy exiled from the highest nine heavens.

This person was Soul Empress Sheng Mei!

She had perfectly passed the heaven-step smelting trial difficulty. Not just that, but her clothes were unstained and her appearance was otherworldly. It was clear she still had a great deal of strength remaining!

Everyone was stunned. They soon looked up at her.

“Sheng Mei! She came from the heaven-step difficulty!”

“Too fierce! Look at her unbothered appearance, it seems she has perfectly completed it!”

Some people cried out in alarm. But Sheng Mei didn’t bother with these people. Instead, as soon as she appeared, she flew directly towards an immortal palace.

The immortal palace she chose was as large as a mountain. The one she chose was a second-rank immortal palace!


Soul Empress Sheng Mei flew into the immortal palace without stopping at all. The entire process was like a comet passing through the skies, free and easy, filled with beauty.

“She is truly worthy of being called Soul Empress Sheng Mei. Even after completing the heaven-step difficulty she is still so calm. We are far inferior to the likes of her,” the Divine Void Crown Prince whispered, his face still as happy and joyful as a spring breeze. He didn’t envy Sheng Mei’s results at all, because he and Sheng Mei never stood on the same plane to begin with. So, there was no reason to compare himself with her.

She was someone who stood at the peak of the entire soul race. Within every spiritas of the 33 Heavens, she was the highest status woman there was. She was a character that could stand on par with Soul Emperor Divine Void, so there was no meaning in competing with her.

“Haha, Crown Prince is too modest. Soul Empress Sheng Mei is a divine being, but if the Crown Prince is compared to Soul Empress Sheng Mei, the differences aren’t too great! Crown Prince can still show disdain for all other heroes!”

Many people began to flatter once more. They couldn’t match up to Sheng Mei, but they could establish relations with the Divine Void Crown Prince. So, when Sheng Mei appeared, she didn’t steal the limelight of the Divine Void Crown Prince.

As many people were speaking, the Gate of Laws shook once more.


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