MW Chapter 1687

Chapter 1687 – Pass

After slowly adjusting his mental state, Lin Ming could feel the sea deep aura of the Black Asura swell forth around him. He looked up and saw the void being ripped apart. The indifferent Black Asura flew high in the skies, looking down at him from a commanding position.

Lin Ming calmed his thoughts.

“Are you ready?” The Black Asura asked.


Standing in place, Lin Ming was as tall and straight as a spear. His aura was sharp, like a blade that could pierce a hole through the heavens.

The Black Asura didn’t speak anymore. He deeply gazed at Lin Ming. No matter what happened, this young man deserved another look.

The Black Asura reached out a hand. The originally empty void beside him was forcefully pulled open like slides, revealing a crack in space.

From this crack, the Black Asura grasped a long spear!

This spear was the weapon the Black Asura used and also the dragon spear carved upon the relief of the gate! In the last two moves, the Black Asura hadn’t used a weapon, instead fighting his...

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