MW Chapter 1685

Chapter 1685 – Three Moves

Time was life. To Lin Ming, these six hours were incomparably precious.

With Lin Ming’s current physical condition he was in an extremely bad situation. His body had innumerable wounds and he was severely exhausted of true essence and blood vitality!

Because of the continuous battles, Lin Ming hadn’t had any time to recover at all. This had left him barely able to sustain himself through the fruits of his battle, supplementing his inner energy with those dozens of types of heavenly materials.

However, which one of these heavenly materials was easy to refine?

Lin Ming didn’t have time to refine them within his body, leading to all sorts of different attributed energies building up within him. This caused all of the energy within his body to turn chaotic!

Now, within the next six short hours, Lin Ming had to refine all of these different types of energy, straighten out his meridians, and restore his blood vitality, all while he transferred energy to heal his wounds. This was a nearly impossible task!

If it were a normal martial artist, then let alone six hours, even three days and three nights wouldn’t be enough time.

Even though Lin Ming had absorbed the blood of a True Dragon and True Phoenix, and even opened two Dao Palaces...

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