MW Chapter 1684

Chapter 1684 – Black Asura

The different difficulties of the Gate of Laws were tremendously different from each other. The easiest difficulty might take only several days to end, but the harder difficulties could take dozens of days.

Lin Ming had already undergone innumerable slaughters on countless battlefields atop this ancient continent!

His hair was scattered and his clothes were torn and ragged. There was an unknown number of wounds that covered his entire body.

Of these wounds, some were so deep they revealed white bone. Some cut through his meridians, and some had nearly torn apart his arms, shoulders, and even thighs!

If he hadn’t cultivated the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, then these severe wounds alone would have caused Lin Ming to lose all his combat strength. He would have died countless times in this trial already.


Lin Ming held a long spear in his hands and swept outwards. Electric light rose from all directions and flames filled the air. An over 200 foot giant was crushed by Lin Ming’s attack!

Blood shot out. The giant’s body wildly shook. As it crashed against the earth, it caused the ground to quake.

Dark energy without the slightest sheen began to flicker atop the surface of the giant’s body,...

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