MW Chapter 1682

Chapter 1682 – Reward

“We passed! We’ve made it to the third level!”

The first batch of trial challengers had successfully passed the Gate of Laws and had reached the third level. They were immediately overjoyed.

“It’s not hard at all!”

“Haha, if I knew this earlier I would have chosen the earth-step difficulty, I estimate that I could have passed that one too!”

A young elite arrogantly proclaimed. The trial challengers that selected the easiest difficulty had mostly perfectly completed their trial. Before, because they had taken too many factors into consideration, they hadn’t dared to choose the harder difficulty. But now, because they had perfectly passed their trial they couldn’t help but develop ideas that they could have chosen a higher difficulty.

As they were all excitedly discussing, they also looked at the scenery of the third level. As they saw their surroundings, they looked at each other in confusion.

The final trial’s third floor was simply a vast white earth, seeming to stretch to infinity and beyond. It didn’t seem like there...

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