MW Chapter 1681

Chapter 1681 – The Narrow Road

After Lin Ming severely wounded the White Tiger phantom, a wisp of blood red aura from the Great Dao appeared in Lin Ming’s sea of consciousness.

This aura slowly fused together with his flesh and blood, merging with his awareness.

“This is…” Lin Ming was startled. When he damaged the White Tiger phantom just now, a bit of the power and Laws contained within it had converged into Lin Ming’s body, allowing him to become aware of many more things.

It seemed that even though this Gate of Laws was filled with death and slaughter, it also represented a lucky chance.

“In this place I might be able to temper my understandings of the Heavenly Dao Laws… the source strength of a God Beast’s Heavenly Dao, that is a rare chance…”

Lin Ming thought to himself, his mind calming down. On the thin aerial bridge, the strong heavenly winds rocked against him, but his heart remained as steady as a mountain. Then, at this time, the giant Azure Dragon in front of Lin Ming roared towards him, its deep blue Azure Dragon...

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