MW Chapter 1680

Chapter 1680 – Asura Difficulty

After having experienced an intense feeling of spatial warping, Lin Ming felt his body shake. After that, the deep blood red color that flooded his eyes disappeared, leaving him in a deep and quiet ancient land.

The place where Lin Ming stood was atop a timeworn cliff, with walls that stretched down to infinity. In front of Lin Ming was a narrow aerial bridge.

This aerial bridge was only 10 foot wide. Beneath the bridge was an impossibly distant valley that he couldn’t see the bottom of. Looking down, one could sense the atmosphere of timeless years exuding from the valley, as if falling in there would be the same as falling into the eternal past.

Moreover, in front of Lin Ming, there were also hundreds of floating weapons.

There was a sword, spear, saber, dagger, hammer, chain, whip, shield, ruler, and so forth. There could be said to be every type of possible weapon available to him!

There were even different weapons of the same category. For instance, within spears there were also hard spears, flexible spears, lances, short spears, overlord spears, and so forth. Any weapon that could be thought of could be chosen.

Seeing these weapons, Lin Ming had a faint guess of what was happening. His mind touched upon...

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