Chapter 168 - Playing the Role of the Fool

Chapter 168 Playing the Role of the Fool.


Chapter 168 – Playing the Role of the Fool

“It doesn’t matter if he’s truly stupid or just acting stupid. He’s still only a little boy at the Altering Muscle stage; there are no tricks that he can play. I’ll have to keep watch over him so he doesn’t have any chance to use a sound transmitting talisman. After another day of going through the wild forest, we’ll be far past the range of any common sound transmitting talisman. When that happens, he’ll be nothing more than a slab of meat. I’ll cut him however I want to cut him.” The monkey-faced man thought this and said, “Little Brother, my last name is Zhou. This fellow here is my brother; it’s fine if you call him Baldy.”

“Great. My last name is Mo, I am called Mo Lin.” Lin Ming casually quoted a random name. The Southern Wilderness was incomparably vast and there were countless tribes. Even Ouyang Dihua would have difficulty finding him even if he knew he was down here. Still, Lin Ming didn’t want to provoke any unnecessary troubles.

“Little Brother Mo, let’s go. Miss Na Yi, I’ll have to trouble you to ride the same horse as your younger sister.”

Na Yi maintained her calm as she switched horses. For...

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