MW Chapter 1679

Chapter 1679 – Lin Ming’s Choice

Without a doubt, Sheng Mei was the most powerful person in this final trial. Everyone was curious as to what difficulty she would choose.

Sheng Mei’s expression was indifferent. Her steps slowly moved forwards and her slim body fluttered like a blue flower petal in the wind.

The direction she chose was the second gate from the right, the heaven-step space-time gate!

“It’s the heaven-step! Soul Empress Sheng Mei has chosen the heaven-step difficulty!” Many spiritas martial artists exclaimed, startled.

“Hey! To the Soul Empress, just what is the heaven-step gate? The last time the Soul Empress was in the final trial she also chose the heaven-step difficulty. If the Soul Empress chooses the heaven-step difficulty then it’s likely she can already perfectly complete it.”

To perfectly complete the heaven-step difficulty. To those listening, this was already a legend!

And at this time, nearly everyone had made their choice. The only ones missing were Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian.

Lin Ming speechlessly rubbed his temples, a bit exasperated.

His original plan was to have everyone enter their space-time gates and then he would choose. Like this, it wouldn’t arouse anyone’s interest...

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