MW Chapter 1679

Chapter 1679 – Lin Ming’s Choice

Without a doubt, Sheng Mei was the most powerful person in this final trial. Everyone was curious as to what difficulty she would choose.

Sheng Mei’s expression was indifferent. Her steps slowly moved forwards and her slim body fluttered like a blue flower petal in the wind.

The direction she chose was the second gate from the right, the heaven-step space-time gate!

“It’s the heaven-step! Soul Empress Sheng Mei has chosen the heaven-step difficulty!” Many spiritas martial artists exclaimed, startled.

“Hey! To the Soul Empress, just what is the heaven-step gate? The last time the Soul Empress was in the final trial she also chose the heaven-step difficulty. If the Soul Empress chooses the heaven-step difficulty then it’s likely she can already perfectly complete it.”

To perfectly complete the heaven-step difficulty. To those listening, this was already a legend!

And at this time, nearly everyone had made their choice. The only ones missing were Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian.

Lin Ming speechlessly rubbed his temples, a bit exasperated.

His original plan was to have everyone enter their space-time gates and then he would choose. Like this, it wouldn’t arouse anyone’s interest no matter what he chose.

But, the space-time gates just happened to activate all at once, sucking everyone in. If so, then Lin Ming had no other options but to make his choice under the eyes of everyone.

Lin Ming looked at Xiao Moxian. Xiao Moxian said, “Big Brother Lin, I’ve chosen.”


Lin Ming nodded. The truth was that at this time, not many people were paying attention to Lin Ming; they were only looking at Soul Empress Sheng Mei, wanting to see what choice she would make. As for Lin Ming, not many people cared for him.

Of course, there were always at least some individuals keeping a sharp eye on Lin Ming. For instance, Duke Fullmoon.

Duke Fullmoon stood behind the Third Crown Prince, glaring at Lin Ming. With so many people here it was impossible for him to launch a sudden attack. He would have to wait until he reached the third level and then look for a chance to have some fun with Lin Ming.

However, Duke Fullmoon hadn’t thought that even now, Lin Ming still wouldn’t have made his choice. Instead, he stood before the four space-time gates, deep in thought.

He began to slowly understand the reason why Lin Ming still hadn’t made his choice.

It must be because although Lin Ming had a high comprehensive combat efficiency, the reason for this was also because of his divine runic symbols. But in the Gate of Laws, these external objects were useless!

Thinking of this, Duke Fullmoon mockingly jeered.

“You little beast, are you scared? The Gate of Laws tests a martial artist’s talent and external items cannot play any role! Don’t think you can rely on your divine runic symbols; no matter how powerful they are they will still be nothing more than scraps of paper! I hope that you can emerge from the Gate of Laws alive, then I can personally kill you and take all of your treasures, hahaha!”

Duke Fullmoon recklessly laughed.

Lin Ming coldly looked at Duke Fullmoon, ignoring his provocation. However, Duke Fullmoon had managed to warn Lin Ming about something. That was that in the Gate of Laws, all external items were useless.

Thinking about it, this was also well within reason. If external items could be used then this wouldn’t be a true test of a martial artist’s talent.

Seeing the Gate of Laws slightly tremble, as if the space vortex was brewing, Lin Ming shook his head. “Forget it, it doesn’t matter if others think I’m an idiot…”

Lin Ming already expected that his choice would cause the many people here to think he was nothing but a brain-dead lunatic. And in truth, this was an inevitable matter…

Xiao Moxian stepped out before Lin Ming. Her step was light and sprightly, like a beautiful butterfly floating forwards. Although her step didn’t seem quick, she arrived in front of the space-time gate she chose in the blink of an eye.

Her choice was the heaven-step difficulty. She stood beside Soul Empress Sheng Mei.

For a time, even Sheng Mei looked at Xiao Moxian with surprise.

For such a young and delicate young girl to stand next to Sheng Mei, this sight was simply too dazzling.

The originally noisy crowd calmed down for some time. Everyone discovered that there was something strange about the atmosphere, and as they discovered the reason, they all looked towards Xiao Moxian.

As they looked at Xiao Moxian they were all dumbfounded. Everyone already had high expectations of the heaven-step difficulty; they looked at her with their eyes wide open.

Just what background did this young girl have that she would choose the heaven-step difficulty?

Suya also covered her mouth. For better or worse, she had known Xiao Moxian for a long time and now considered her similar to a little sister. Although she could feel that Xiao Moxian’s talent wasn’t ordinary, she hadn’t thought that she would have the confidence and courage to choose the heaven-step difficulty!

And before everyone had time to respond, something even more ridiculous occurred!

They saw a black-clothed young man stroll past the heaven-step difficulty gate, towards the rightmost gate. That was the Asura difficulty space-time gate!

As for Duke Fullmoon, who had been watching Lin Ming from the start, his original mocking smile had completely frozen. He watched with utter disbelief as Lin Ming neared the Asura difficulty space-time gate, his mouth having dropped open, dumbfounded.

“What… what is he doing?” Duke Fullmoon muttered to himself, his eyes wide open. This couldn’t even be called crazy!

Could it be that Lin Ming recognized he couldn’t pass so he had sunken into despair and completely thrown everything to the wind?

No… even though Duke Fullmoon mocked Lin Ming, he also knew that Lin Ming’s cultivation speed was quite quick. Even if Lin Ming’s true combat strength was garbage, passing the lowest level mortal-step difficulty shouldn’t be a problem.

Moreover, passing and perfectly completing were two entirely different concepts. If one wished to enter the third level, that wouldn’t be difficult at all.

As Duke Fullmoon was lost in thought, Lin Ming had already stood in front of the Asura difficulty gate.

In front of that giant space-time gate, there was only Lin Ming standing there. It was simply far too eye-catching a sight.

All the martial artists watching felt their jaws drop as they looked at Lin Ming. In their eyes, Lin Ming had gone mad!

“Lin Ming… he…”

Even Suya, who held Lin Ming in high esteem, was shocked by this. As for Mo Brightmoon who had accompanied Lin Ming here, she also didn’t expect him to make such an exaggerated choice.

As for the others, they all looked at Lin Ming like he was particularly ‘special’. Did this person have some sort of mental issue? Where had this fool come from?

“He is probably… the Divine Runic Masters Guild’s Lin Ming…”

Out of the many young elites present, some of them had attended the Divine Rune City Auction that Lin Ming had participated in, thus they recognized him.

Within the inner Asura Road, Lin Ming could just barely pass as a well-known figure.

As soon as Lin Ming and the ‘Lin’ logo was mentioned, many people realized who he was. There were some people here who just happened to be using those ‘Lin’ logo divine runic symbols.

“Lin Ming, the creator of the ‘Lin’ logo? Isn’t he a divine runic master? Then why would he…”

No one could figure out what was happening.

A divine runic master attending the final trial wasn’t anything too strange. But, the key point here was that in the final trial, this Lin Ming had decided to choose the Asura difficulty that no one had chosen in hundreds of millions or even billions of years. This left everyone wracking their minds for just what was going on.

It had to be known that in the Gate of Laws, there was the persistent danger of death!

As everyone was speaking, Soul Empress Sheng Mei only quietly looked at Lin Ming. The discussions of these martial artists were also heard by Sheng Mei. From what she knew, this Lin Ming wasn’t an ordinary person.

However, even she couldn’t complete the Asura level difficulty. She simply didn’t believe that there was a junior who surpassed her in talent.

“Are you sure you know what concept the Asura level difficulty is?”

Sheng Mei parted her cherry red lips and asked Lin Ming. These could be called words of comfort. According to common logic, an unimportant figure like Lin Ming could make any choice he wanted to and Sheng Mei wouldn’t bat an eyelash. However, she felt that there was something special about Lin Ming, thus she made an exception to ask him. Of course, she was only asking him this once. If Lin Ming didn’t want to listen to her then she wouldn’t say anything else.

Facing the eyes of so many people as well as Soul Empress Sheng Mei’s question, Lin Ming was left speechless. He only wanted to complete the trial in a very low profile manner that didn’t draw any attention.

He replied, “I thank Soul Empress for the concern, but if no one has chosen the Asura difficulty in so many hundreds of millions of years, who is to say what the difficulty will be like? Moreover… no matter which gate it is, it seems that there are many degrees of completion… I don’t need to perfectly complete it, just barely passing it will be fine for me…”

In all fairness, Lin Ming couldn’t guarantee what results he would have once he entered the Asura difficulty gate.

He had two advantages he could rely on. The first was his combat strength that far surpassed others of his step, and the second was his understandings of the Asura Heavenly Dao.

In the past, the Good Fortune Saint Son had chosen the heaven-step difficulty and obtained a final completion rate of 81%.

Lin Ming believed that if he went up another level of difficulty, he should have some chance of completing it!

Taking a step backwards, even if the Asura difficulty was far too abnormally difficult, then he could definitely give up all thoughts of rewards and simply work to maintain his life.

With all of these factors combined, Lin Ming had thus chosen the Asura difficulty.

However, as Lin Ming’s words fell upon Sheng Mei’s ears, they sounded like the words of a proud and high-spirited youth. She simply shook her head, not trying to advise him anymore.

As for everyone else, their eyes on Lin Ming were as if they were looking at a fool.

Those that were able to participate in the final trial were all outstanding elites of their generation. However, an idiot had appeared out of nowhere. Since it wasn’t their job to manage him, they might as well join in on the fun.

“You would rather die in the Gate of Laws?” Duke Fullmoon coldly sneered as he looked at Lin Ming and spoke in a mocking tone.

Lin Ming didn’t bother with Duke Fullmoon. He simply sat cross-legged in the air and shut his eyes in meditation. At this time, Mo Brightmoon and Suya’s worried sound transmissions echoed in his ears. Really, Lin Ming’s choice had caused many people to worry about him.

Lin Ming felt a headache creeping up. Just as he was about to explain his choice, a loud rumbling came from the incomparably massive Gate of Laws.

As the Gate of Laws trembled, four space-time channels began to wildly form and revolve!

The energies that permeated the second floor and the aura of the Laws began to swirl together, sweeping up into a giant origin energy vortex!

In the vortex, everyone could feel a horrifying suction strength pull upon their bodies. In this vortex, even a World King powerhouse was nothing but a leaf in a storm, completely unable to control their body.

Everyone cried out in alarm. But in the next instant, they were all sucked into the space-time channels where they vanished from sight.

“What a terrifying strength. It’s like the momentum of the world, a force that cannot be disobeyed…”

As Lin Ming was swept up in the brutal energy vortex, he guarded his inner world and kept his mind pure and bright. He watched as the blood red space-time channel came increasingly close. Then, like a pebble in the sea, he submerged into the channel without raising a single ripple…


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