MW Chapter 1677

Chapter 1677 – Difficulty and Completion Percentage

As Lin Ming walked towards the Gate of Laws, increasingly powerful auras appeared one after another. The powerhouses that had completed the first level and were scattered over the world of the second level began coverging towards the Gate of Laws.

These people were all extraordinary disciples of their large influences. After passing through the fierce battles of the first and second floor, not too many of them perished. Only some extremely unlucky martial artists who had been surrounded by monsters had died.

“It’s that fellow, the whatever Crown Prince from Divine Void Divine Kingdom is coming!”

Xiao Moxian suddenly commented as they neared the Gate of Laws. Lin Ming looked back to see several men and women wearing feather robes with star crowns on their heads. They were surrounding a young man wearing a dragon crown with his hair hanging loose around him. This young man stood atop the head of a silver python that was as large as a mountain. The silver python twisted as it moved forwards, leaving deep gullies in the earth.

This young man was dashing and high-spirited, showing disdain for all heroes.

He was the Divine Void Third Crown Prince!

As the Divine Void Third Crown Prince appeared, so did Duke Fullmoon...

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