MW Chapter 1676

Chapter 1676 – The Gate of Laws

Blue light shined on the vast wilderness. Ice flowers and snow plums grew everywhere…

Soul Empress Sheng Mei fell upon the largest snow lotus. Her slender feet were like a butterfly, her lithe body seeming to have no weight.

“Soul Empress!”

The happy Duke Fullmoon hurriedly bowed, his face full of attentiveness.

What kind of character was Soul Empress Sheng Mei? Even Soul Emperor Divine Void had to treat her with respect. It could even be said that she was an existence on the same level as Soul Emperor Divine Void!

In front of Soul Empress Sheng Mei, Duke Fullmoon was nothing more than a little ant. For Sheng Mei to personally rescue him, Duke Fullmoon felt extremely flattered.

Sheng Mei didn’t look at Duke Fullmoon. Rather, she faintly glanced over at Lin Ming’s direction.

Within the space distortion, Lin Ming frowned. This woman was terrifying beyond description. Without a doubt, the five of them combined together wouldn’t be her match.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment and then lifted the barrier of Heaven’s Divide. Towards this dreadful person, a barrier on this level wasn’t any different from paper.

As he looked...

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