MW Chapter 1676

Chapter 1676 – The Gate of Laws

Blue light shined on the vast wilderness. Ice flowers and snow plums grew everywhere…

Soul Empress Sheng Mei fell upon the largest snow lotus. Her slender feet were like a butterfly, her lithe body seeming to have no weight.

“Soul Empress!”

The happy Duke Fullmoon hurriedly bowed, his face full of attentiveness.

What kind of character was Soul Empress Sheng Mei? Even Soul Emperor Divine Void had to treat her with respect. It could even be said that she was an existence on the same level as Soul Emperor Divine Void!

In front of Soul Empress Sheng Mei, Duke Fullmoon was nothing more than a little ant. For Sheng Mei to personally rescue him, Duke Fullmoon felt extremely flattered.

Sheng Mei didn’t look at Duke Fullmoon. Rather, she faintly glanced over at Lin Ming’s direction.

Within the space distortion, Lin Ming frowned. This woman was terrifying beyond description. Without a doubt, the five of them combined together wouldn’t be her match.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment and then lifted the barrier of Heaven’s Divide. Towards this dreadful person, a barrier on this level wasn’t any different from paper.

As he looked at Sheng Mei, he was put under a dreadful pressure!

He couldn’t see this woman’s strength at all!

Sheng Mei stared deeply into Lin Ming’s eyes. A strange color appeared within her smoky eyes.

“You… what is your name?”

Sheng Mei suddenly asked for Lin Ming’s name. This caused Lin Ming to feel a sudden chill cross his body. It had to be known that within this final trial that was filled with numerous young elites, he was extremely common and unnoticeable. Beside those people who participated in the Divine Rune City Auction during that eventful year as well as those who kept up with news about the divine runic arts, very few people bothered paying attention to Lin Ming.

The Divine Void Third Crown Prince and Bigflame, the direct disciple of Divine Emperor Heaven Union, were both the leads of this final trial.

But even these two leads weren’t able to enter Soul Empress Sheng Mei’s eyes.

Yet, currently, Sheng Mei had taken the initiative to ask Lin Ming for his name. This was similar to a human asking an ant for their name. Lin Ming couldn’t help but keep his mind and heart vigilant about this change in events.

He took a deep breath, suppressing the turbulent thoughts in his heart and calmly saying, “My name is Lin Ming!”

Sheng Mei softly hummed. “Your soul is quite special; it is a bit like a special soul physique recorded in the Holy Scripture of my people. But what a pity, you are nothing but a human so your soul is destined to only be alike. If you were a spiritas then I might have accepted you as my disciple…”

As Sheng Mei spoke, she lightly smiled. This was a smile of pure appreciation. But as this smile fell into Lin Ming’s eyes, his heart shook!

Special soul physique recorded in the Holy Scripture!?

Was it… the Magic Cube!?

Lin Ming remembered that the second time he had seen Empyrean Divine Mist, he had said that there was an ancient text which existed within the spiritas legends – the Spiritas Holy Scripture. Within the Spiritas Holy Scripture, the existence of the Magic Cube had been recorded – it was known as the Stone of Eternal Life.

When Sheng Mei had mentioned the Holy Scripture, it was 99% likely that it was the Spiritas Holy Scripture that Empyrean Divine Mist had mentioned. Was this so-called special soul physique spoken of within the Holy Scriptures also related to the Magic Cube?

In that moment, Lin Ming could feel a cold sweat dripping from his palms!

Luckily, even this terrifying woman in front of him didn’t realize the existence of the Magic Cube in his inner world.

Perhaps because Lin Ming had possessed the Magic Cube for such a long time, his soul might have been subtly influenced by the Magic Cube. This made Sheng Mei mistake Lin Ming’s soul for having some similarities to the special soul physique recorded in the Spiritas Holy Scripture.

This sort of soul was named the Eternal Soul. The rarity of such a thing couldn’t be described with words!

Compared to that, Xiao Moxian’s half God Beast bloodline was nothing at all. Although a half God Beast physique was rare, it wasn’t strange for it to occur every billion years in a universe. But as for the Eternal Soul recorded in the Spiritas Holy Scripture, it hadn’t appeared in the entire 33 Heavens for several great calamities in a row.

Thus, Sheng Mei only casually spoke. She would never believe that a human like Lin Ming would possess the Eternal Soul that was mentioned in the legends of the spiritas, something that had already vanished from existence 10 billion years ago.

However, after hearing Sheng Mei’s words, Duke Fullmoon felt an intense surge of jealousy.

This was clearly the first time that Sheng Mei had seen Lin Ming, but she had actually said that she would accept Lin Ming as a disciple if he were a spiritas!

Duke Fullmoon knew that Sheng Mei was a person whose heart was higher than the heavens. In her entire life she had never received a disciple, much less a male disciple!

If Duke Fullmoon could become Sheng Mei’s disciple, he would even be willing to sacrifice half his lifespan!

But after she appeared, she didn’t even bother glancing at someone like Duke Fullmoon who was on ‘her’ side, but had instead spoken to an ‘outsider’ like Lin Ming. This caused Duke Fullmoon to feel somewhat ill.

Lin Ming was only a human, so why?

Lin Ming’s divine runic arts were fierce but to someone on the level of Sheng Mei, what meaning did the divine runic arts have?

As Duke Fullmoon was depressed, Lin Ming stood rigidly on the ground. His inner world’s fluctuations had been reduced to their lowest levels, and even as he maintained absolute vigilance he kept his appearance as calm as he could.

Then, Sheng Mei finally turned, about to leave.

Lin Ming’s mind relaxed a little. To him, every second felt like a year. He was looking forwards to this terrifying woman disappearing as hastily as she came.

But then, Duke Fullmoon called out to Sheng Mei.

“Soul Empress!”

Duke Fullmoon summoned the courage to say. Lin Ming was nervous as he heard this. He really wanted to just kill this damned idiot and get him over with.

“What is it…”

Sheng Mei turned her head and glanced at Duke Fullmoon.

Seeing Sheng Mei’s cold eyes on him, Duke Fullmoon suddenly felt weak at the knees. He gulped and stuttered out, “T-those people over there, they…”

For a time, Duke Fullmoon was at a loss for words. There was no way he could ask Sheng Mei to help him kill Lin Ming, but he wasn’t willing to miss such an opportunity.

Sheng Mei faintly frowned. “You aren’t asking me to handle your grudges for you… are you?”

Sheng Mei could immediately see that Duke Fullmoon had a grudge with Lin Ming and the others.

“No… I wouldn’t dare!” Duke Fullmoon quickly denied. Just what status did he have? He was already thanking the heavens and earth that Sheng Mei had saved him. He and Sheng Mei weren’t even from the same influence, so what qualifications did he have to ask her to help him take revenge?

As for using the secrets on Lin Ming’s body to tempt Sheng Mei, Duke Fullmoon didn’t know whether these supposed secrets really existed or not.

He only thought that Lin Ming was far too young to have such extraordinary skill in divine runic arts. As for what was going on with Lin Ming, Duke Fullmoon couldn’t say it clearly himself.

To the influences within the Asura Road, the greatest value that Lin Ming possessed was to draw up divine runic symbols and create a massive amount of wealth. But, what lure did wealth have to someone like Sheng Mei, whose status was similar to a True Divinity level character?

It was likely there was nothing on Lin Ming’s body that could tempt Sheng Mei.

As Duke Fullmoon was lost in thought, Sheng Mei had already floated away. Left behind, Duke Fullmoon watched Sheng Mei’s parting back with an ugly complexion.

He looked at Lin Ming and Lin Ming looked at him.

Duke Fullmoon had three people on his side; Lin Ming had five.

As their eyes met in midair, sparks flashed between them, followed by surging killing intent!

They each wanted to kill the other!

At this time, Lin Ming was considering what his chances were of killing Duke Fullmoon in a situation where he couldn’t sneak attack him. And, would Duke Fullmoon’s other squad members catch up? And most importantly of all, Lin Ming didn’t know about how Soul Empress Sheng Mei would take this. Was she planning on guaranteeing the lives of Divine Void Divine Kingdom’s disciples in this smelting trial?

All of these doubts made it so that Lin Ming didn’t attack.

As for Duke Fullmoon, he dreaded the many divine runic symbols Lin Ming had on him, as well as the several companions with him.

“You little bastard, consider yourself lucky!” Duke Fullmoon sneered. “You think you can do whatever you want just because of some divine runic symbols? You should remember to save them as much as you can and not use them all up, because if that happens I will kill you as easily as butchering a dog or a chicken!”

“Really, aren’t you afraid that the wind will cut your tongue with your constant babbling? I’m confused, just which family was so lazy as to forget to tie up your chain. As a dog, you should have the awareness of a dog. Just who do you think you are? If it weren’t for the Soul Empress appearing just now you would have already died.” Xiao Moxian had never been someone who was willing to lose in a war of words. As Duke Fullmoon started cursing at Lin Ming, she immediately opposed him.

“Heh, you bitch, aren’t you Lin Ming’s woman? I will soon make you regret choosing this kind of man. At that time… you might even enjoy it.”

Duke Fullmoon lecherously smiled before he turned and left.

The two other disciples of Divine Void Divine Kingdom hurriedly followed behind, keeping a close tab on their surroundings.

Seeing the three people about to vanish, Mo Brightmoon felt her sword blade. She frowned, “Are we going to let them leave like this?”

“Just this time.” Lin Ming indifferently said. Duke Fullmoon was already on his kill list. It was just that there were too many variables involved so he hadn’t attacked.


After the brief battle just now, Lin Ming’s squad continued forwards carefully.

If they could avoid the monsters on the second floor they would avoid them. They tried to keep the battles to a bare minimum.

Like this, they went deeper and deeper into the wilderness. And the deeper they went, the thicker the chaotic energy in the skies became.

In the endless distance, they could vaguely see the appearance of a massive metal door, like a mountain range that stretched to the ends of time.

Waves of profound and quiet runes scattered out from the metal door. They were incomparably vast and mysterious.

Seeing these metal doors that constantly emitted a golden light, Mo Brightmoon’s eyes flashed, a strange color covering them.

“The Gate of Laws… according to the information I purchased before, this is the entrance to the third level. The Gate of Laws that leads to the third level is particularly special…”

“Oh? Special?” Lin Ming stopped and asked, startled.

“That’s right. Starting from the Gate of Laws, the disparity between the different martial artists in the final trial will be pulled even further apart… the strong will be better, obtaining even higher points and better rewards. As for the weak, they will be directly eliminated.”

Mo Brightmoon said, a restless anticipation in her eyes. With her own level of talent, what sort of scene would she see when passing through the Gate of Laws…?



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