MW Chapter 1675

Chapter 1675 – Blue-clothed Figure

“Haha! Brother Lin, what a small world, we keep meeting each other everywhere!”

Duke Fullmoon wantonly smiled as he rapidly flew towards Lin Ming. At the same time his fingers flexed as he thrust out hundreds and thousands of energy threads.

These energy threads didn’t have much power behind them; their only function was to hinder the movements of Lin Ming and his group. Duke Fullmoon wanted Lin Ming to stay here.

In Duke Fullmoon’s eyes, Lin Ming was only a divine runic master. No matter how formidable his divine runic arts were, his combat strength was likely nothing to speak of. Lin Ming’s cultivation was only at the late Divine Lord realm and he had lived a mere hundred some years of life. Moreover, Duke Fullmoon was sure that Lin Ming had lived an ascetic life for these past years and had invariably invested a massive amount of time in studying the divine runic arts, leaving his combat strength in utter shambles!

Duke Fullmoon already bore a grudge against Lin Ming and he also secretly envied the secrets that Lin Ming possessed. Even if there were not secrets on Lin Ming’s body, if he killed Lin Ming he would still be able to obtain the massive amount of wealth and rare materials he kept on him.

This final trial was the best chance to kill Lin Ming. He didn’t need to consider the Divine Runic Masters Guild nor did he need to consider the mysterious master that stood behind Lin Ming. As Duke Fullmoon thought of all this, a fierce smile crossed his face!

“You little shit, you want to die!?”

Fanny Fafa’s eyebrows rose in anger. He had walked through the Asura Road for many...

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