MW Chapter 1674

Chapter 1674 – Sinister Tricks

Completion, 20%?

Lin Ming perked up and looked towards everyone else. At this time, Mo Brightmoon, Fanny Fafa, and the others were also looking at Lin Ming. It was clear that they also received the information on their completion percentage.

“20%, you?” Lin Ming asked.

“The same.”

Mo Brightmoon and the others glanced at each other. This completion percentage was better than they had anticipated. After all, when walking all the way here the truth was that they hadn’t encountered any true dangers at all.

“The completion percentage should be more difficult the later it is. After 80%, it is likely that every point will be more difficult than the last. Our current completion percentage isn’t strange at all.”

“Let’s go.”

Ho - !

The group finally emerged from the endless wild flow of energy and landed on the ground.

Here, dark winds howled, carrying with them a dry and desolate aura as they swept over the scattered gravel on the ground.

The sky in front of them was unusually high, as blue and transparent as sapphires.

In the far off distance, the shapes of the mountains were vague, resembling the outline of some sleeping great beast.

Beneath their feet was a vast rough land...

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