MW Chapter 1672

Chapter 1672 – The Worries of Old Su

When Lin Ming flew into the final trial he kept a low profile, just like the blue-clothed woman. In addition, he was very fast so there were many people that didn’t notice him.

However, there were some considerably strong people with keen eyesight who were familiar with Lin Ming and saw his back.

“That person is… the Divine Runic Masters Guild’s Lin Ming?” The one who spoke was a World King powerhouse. He had attended the Divine Rune City Auction in the past so he had an extremely deep impression of Lin Ming.

“Lin Ming? The creator of the Lin symbols?”

Many people had never seen Lin Ming but knew of his name. He was someone who created the myth of gathering 10 billion contribution points in half a month, and this was a story that spread throughout the entirety of the inner Asura Road.

“Isn’t he only at the Divine Lord realm? Moreover, he’s a divine runic master… is he planning on entering the final trial?”

In everyone’s opinion, those young geniuses with extraordinary combat talent wouldn’t choose to become divine runic masters.

People had limited time and energy, and the occupation of a divine runic master was an extremely time-consuming ordeal. Even Lin Ming, who possessed the heaven-defying Magic Cube and had absorbed the memories of three divine runic masters, still had his own cultivation speed delayed considerably due to studying the divine runic arts.

Of course, disasters and blessings came together. Because he studied the divine runic arts, Lin Ming had an even deeper understanding of the Asura Laws. These were all things that occurred later.

As for other geniuses they didn’t possess something as ridiculous as the Magic Cube, if they placed all their time in studying the divine runic arts then their combat talent would naturally be left behind.

In many people’s opinion, Lin Ming’s talent in the divine runic arts had reached the pinnacle of possibility. If he didn’t invest a massive amount of time into the divine runic arts then there wouldn’t be anyone who believed this.

In this situation, most people subconsciously believed that Lin Ming, who lacked cultivation time, would have a dismally low combat efficiency. Otherwise, he would be too abnormal an existence.

But now he actually flew into the final trial mystic realm with a mere Divine Lord cultivation. This left everyone watching outside stunned. If Lin Ming were to perish inside, wouldn’t that just be too great a pity?

“This boy, just what games is he playing…” On the observation pavilion, Divine Rune City’s Old Xue and Old Su had also arrived some time ago. These two old geezers had already reached the limit of their cultivation and the only thing that grew for them every day was their hair. They spent most of their time idling about with their hobbies and of course wouldn’t miss such a lively event. Since they were here, they naturally spotted Lin Ming.

As Old Su saw Lin Ming fly into the final trial mystic realm, he was a tad worried. There were many Holy Lords and World Kings gathered inside! Moreover, these people were all outstanding characters amongst their cultivation step. And beyond that, there were also the dangers of the final trial. If Lin Ming were to enter with a mere Divine Lord realm cultivation, it would undoubtedly be disastrously risky for him! Old Su didn’t want such a divine runic arts prodigy to die inside.

“Hey, don’t look down on him. That little fellow’s strength isn’t as simple as you think it is. We have no idea just what level he is. We’ve worried for him before, but it’s all been in vain. He’s a smart young boy. If he dares to enter the Asura Road then he should have some confidence in his ability. I have no idea what completion percentage he will obtain though… if it’s 70% then that really is too abnormal.”

Old Xue had an unusual amount of faith in Lin Ming.

“70%... you sure are optimistic. If he can survive that hell and come out alive then I’ll already be thanking the heavens and earth. His talent is good, but in the end he is only at the Divine Lord realm. Can he really jump two large boundaries to fight a World King genius? I fear that he will be harmed by someone inside. Even his enemy Duke Fullmoon is in there. If that person is thinking of assassinating Lin Ming…”

As Old Su spoke to here he was a bit scared. In Divine Rune City, Lin Ming would have the protection of the Divine Runic Masters Guild as well as that mysterious master of his.

But in the final trial, Lin Ming could only rely on himself!

Killing in there was not uncommon! Even unparalleled geniuses still needed to be past the Divine Lord realm so they would have the ability to ensure their own safety. Only then would someone dare to enter the final trial.

As these two old men were speaking, within that dreadful vortex of energy that spanned from the heavens to earth, another familiar form appeared.

This form wasn’t some stranger; it was the Extreme Star Holy Lands’ Suya.

The two old men glanced at each other, surprised. They didn’t think that Suya would also enter the final trial.

“This girl’s strength cannot be underestimated. Moreover, she is interested in Lin Ming. I hope that she will look after him…” Old Su mumbled. In front of him, the overwhelming storm of energy became increasingly fierce…


As Lin Ming approached the strange world of the final trial, he felt goosebumps rise all over his body. He could hear a strange sound in the void; it was the incomparably pure sea of energy trembling.

This strange world appeared to be a massive black vortex. Any beam of light that neared it was distorted and swallowed up.

Xiao Moxian anxiously held onto Lin Ming’s hand.

As Lin Ming felt Xiao Moxian slip her hand into his, he reached out and gently wrapped his hand across her waist. With his right hand he waved the Phoenix Blood Spear, sending out a wave of energy that gradually calmed down the strange energy.

With a resolute shout, Lin Ming decisively rushed into this unusual new world.

Woosh woosh woosh –

Beside him, a succession of proud heroes from the Asura Road hurtled in, all of them rushing ahead to be first.

The final trial was extremely dangerous.

The final trial had a very high mortality rate.

…These were all things that those who participated were well aware of. But, the heaven-defying lucky chances within were enough to make their eyes go red with envy.

Waves of thick energy crashed onto everyone like a violent stormy sea.

Every wave of energy was like the impact of an ancient beast. Even Lin Ming felt a considerable amount of pressure. However, after having broken into the second Dao Palace, his mortal body was a hundred times more solid than those vicious beasts from ancient times. Although he was hindered, he didn’t suffer any injuries.

Lin Ming spread his hands wide, his muscles and bones popping as they extended outwards, withstanding the violent flow of energy. Xiao Moxian grasped onto Lin Ming, protected beneath him.

Xiao Moxian could feel a warm flow of energy surround her and a smile crossed her face. With her current strength she was more than capable of withstanding this violent flux of energy, but she rather enjoyed this feeling of being protected by Lin Ming.

His speed was fast, and by relying on his bodily strength he was able to drill through the brutal flow of energy like a hot knife in snow.

As the energy flows crashed into him, all of them scattered on his body.

To the rear, Mo Brightmoon and the two others followed close behind.

Thousand Slaughter furiously slashed out with his golden saber, spiritual strength shooting into the skies, creating nine phantoms of ancient demonic taoties.

These taoties were each massive and terrifying. As they appeared they began to desperately swallow up all of the energy around them, treating the flow of energy like delicious food.

These taotie phantoms constantly grew, but in the process of swallowing they were shattered by the impact of energy. As they broke apart they continued to reform; it was a peculiar sight.

But for better or worse, Mo Brightmoon and the others were all sheltered from the violent flux of energy.

Lin Ming noticed this and was slightly surprised. He realized that Thousand Slaughter’s golden saber was some rare divine weapon so he paid more attention to it.

As Lin Ming looked at the golden saber in Thousand Slaughter’s hand, Thousand Slaughter was also secretly shocked by Lin Ming’s strength.

He had once heard Mo Brightmoon mention this youth. Besides the divine runic arts, this Lin Ming had aspects to him that were beyond the norm. He and Fanny Fafa hadn’t believed these tales much, but as they saw Lin Ming use his body alone to resist the wild waves of energy whilst his speed was even faster than the taotie phantoms, he was left speechless.

Without a doubt, this Lin Ming was far stronger than he was.

“In this world there are actually people that can be so abnormal just by the strength of their bodies? Luckily, he’s our ally.” Fanny Fafa’s eyes widened as a splendid light flashed in his eyes.

Within the flow of energy, all sense and sight was twisted up by the wild fluctuations around them. Besides their own squad, it was impossible to see any further.

Hu - !

The wild flow of energy finally reached its end. As if finally passing through walls of water, the pressure on Lin Ming’s body lightened.

A bizarre land appeared in front of them.

All they saw were a sea of mountain peaks rising up and down in the world like floating islands, vast and endless.

Each mountain peak was covered with vibrant life. There were falling waterfalls and lush green trees. But for some reason, they give off an unrealistic feeling to Lin Ming.

As if everything he saw was fake.

In the distance, he could see surging rivers filled with strange black water.

There, the land was desolate and shrouded in a pale gray atmosphere.

Lin Ming stood on the ground and let Xiao Moxian down. He carefully observed the world in front of him.

“Weird. These things seem both real and false… Moreover, the energy here is peculiar as if there’s some risk, but for some reason I can’t make out what it is.” Lin Ming mumbled.

Faintly, he could feel an inexplicable danger, as if some viper were eyeing him from a hidden nest.

“Why aren’t we walking?” Thousand Slaughter’s strong and tall body arrived behind Lin Ming. He looked down at him from a towering position, asking him in a low and deep voice.

His high bamboo hat left behind a shadow that covered Lin Ming.

Mo Brightmoon also looked at Lin Ming, a bit puzzled.

Fanny Fafa giggled, “Killing has never been the forte of a divine runic master. Sir Lin, if you don’t wish to lead the way then allow me the honor.”

A feminine voice brought with it a faint yin chill. The sound was like a cold snake running over the body, making one feel alarmed.

As Fanny Fafa laughed, his body fluttered up as if he was weightless. As he passed by Lin Ming, his eyes swept over his body, carrying with it a faint sense of ridicule.

When Lin Ming had demonstrated his amazing bodily strength, he had left Fanny Fafa surprised. This had ignited Fanny Fafa’s competitive spirit, one that all martial artists had.

His methods were all extremely strange. His body emitted strands of silk-like milky white spiritual power that probed the surroundings.

This spiritual power spread out, covering the skies and earth.

Lin Ming’s complexion changed. As he realized what Fanny Fafa was doing, he shouted out, “Don’t move!”

But it was too late.

The milky white threads of spiritual strength spread out and submerged in all directions, vanishing from the world as if something had swallowed them up.

Fanny Fafa’s complexion changed. At this time, the originally empty space above them suddenly seemed to be stimulated by something.

The void tore open and an icy cold black energy filled the air.

Four figures threw themselves onto the ground from this black energy, all of them carrying with them a fierce and blood-drenched aura.



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