MW Chapter 1672

Chapter 1672 – The Worries of Old Su

When Lin Ming flew into the final trial he kept a low profile, just like the blue-clothed woman. In addition, he was very fast so there were many people that didn’t notice him.

However, there were some considerably strong people with keen eyesight who were familiar with Lin Ming and saw his back.

“That person is… the Divine Runic Masters Guild’s Lin Ming?” The one who spoke was a World King powerhouse. He had attended the Divine Rune City Auction in the past so he had an extremely deep impression of Lin Ming.

“Lin Ming? The creator of the Lin symbols?”

Many people had never seen Lin Ming but knew of his name. He was someone who created the myth of gathering 10 billion contribution points in half a month, and this was a story that spread throughout the entirety of the inner Asura Road.

“Isn’t he only at the Divine Lord realm? Moreover, he’s a divine runic master… is he planning on entering the final trial?”

In everyone’s opinion, those young geniuses with extraordinary combat talent wouldn’t choose to become divine runic masters.

People had limited time and energy, and the occupation of a divine runic master was an extremely time-consuming ordeal....

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