MW Chapter 1671

Chapter 1671 – Entering the Final Trial

The entrance to the final trial had already opened. An incomparably large pitch black crack tore through the world, as if a colossal pair of hands had reached up into the skies and ripped apart the heavens. Behind this terrifying crack was a strange and incredible world.

Just by looking at this world, one felt their mind, divine soul, and even blood energy be attracted towards it, as if their very being wanted to tear out of their body.

Awoo-! Awoo-!

From behind this black crack, a horrifying sound poured forth like the roars of a primeval great beast.

A massive amount of heaven and earth origin energy and an endless amount of seawater was swallowed into this crack, forming a giant black vortex.

Within this terrifying black vortex, one could see faintly visible phantoms. Within these phantoms there were God Beasts and peerless powerhouses alike. Their powerful auras wove together with the lines of the Heavenly Dao Laws, making even those people watching from several hundred miles away feel like their souls were shaking.

This was the final trial!

Disregarding the dangers and tests within, disregarding the incomparably precious trial qualifications that were ridiculously difficult to obtain, just entering alone was something that many young elites would not be able to summon up the courage to do! This sort of suppressive feeling came from the momentum of the world, making them feel as if they were facing the entire universe!

Out of the hundreds of thousands...

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