MW Chapter 1670

Chapter 1670 – The Mystic Realm Opens

The Asura Sea surged with crowds of people. In this bustling scene, a small squad of three men and two women rode in on flying puppets.

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were in this squad.

Besides Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, the three others were Mo Brightmoon and the two companions she brought.

Just several days ago, Lin Ming and Mo Brightmoon had contacted each other according to the method they had established 50 years ago. Then, together, they rushed over to the Asura Sea.

Today’s Mo Brightmoon wore a tight, red-colored suit of martial clothing that contrasted with her slender figure. To her side was a man wearing a bamboo hat.

This man seemed like a mortal in his thirties. He was stern and grim and his eyes flashed with electricity. He carried a heavy saber on his back that was half the height of a normal person. His aura was collected and his gait was like a leopard in the jungle. Just from looking at him one could tell he was an assassination master that was skilled in concealment.

This man’s code name was Thousand Slaughter and his cultivation was at the peak of the ordinary World King realm.

Like Mo Brightmoon, he was also an assassin. Although his talent wasn’t considered to be at the pinnacle, his true combat strength left one bewildered. According...

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