Chapter 167 - Sending Sheep Into the Tiger’s Den

Chapter 167 Sending Sheep Into the Tiger’s Den.


Chapter 167 – Sending Sheep Into the Tiger’s Den

The Na Tribe’s Sorcerer Holy Land was a hallowed ground that only the current Witch Queen and her successors knew the location of. This land was the tribe’s ultimate legacy; inside was contained the mysterious power of the Sorcerer. Foreigners were absolutely not allowed to enter, otherwise that would desecrate the land of the Sorcerer and blaspheme his name.

Although her tribe had already perished, Na Yi would rather die in order to maintain the long-gone glory of her people. But now, her younger sister had fallen into the hands of these two beasts, and thinking of the tragically pitiful fate that would befall her little sister was like a sizzling knife that pierced Na Yi’s heart. She could do naught but repeatedly delay her compromise in order to protect her.

The monkey-faced man had found out that Na Yi was intentionally delaying, so he had given her a warning earlier.

“Hehe, Big Brother, if I don’t give these two little girls a taste of what we can do, then they won’t know just how fierce us Double Demons of the Southern Wilderness are. Tonight, I will bring the younger girl into a room to train...

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