MW Chapter 1669

Chapter 1669 – Asura Sea

Deep within the inner Asura Road, there was a vast and endless sea called the Asura Sea.

The Asura Sea was connected to all large bodies of water within the Asura Road. It was incomparably large, unfathomably deep.

Even if a star were to sink into the Asura Sea, it would be completely submerged in the waters.

This terrifying sea had sea beasts and dangerous fish that reached unbelievable sizes. Even Empyrean level powerhouses weren’t willing to fly deep into the Asura Sea, lest they meet these terrifying sea creatures.

However, in these past few days, this Asura Sea that people rarely visited was actually becoming increasingly lively.

From time to time there would be high level martial artists flying across the sea. Sometimes there would be giant troops appearing and disappearing.

All of this was because the final trial’s mystic realm was located atop the Asura Sea!

The final trial could be called the most important part of the Asura Road world. Some people even believed that when the Asura Road Master created the Asura Road in the past, it was to develop a foundation for the final trial to continue his inheritance.

But no matter whether or not these stories were reliable or what the truth was, it was without doubt that the final trial was the grandest event in the entire...

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