MW Chapter 1668

Chapter 1668 – Lin Ming Leaves Seclusion

When it came to information about the completion percentages of the Asura Road’s final trial, because it had existed since time immemorial and countless people had participated, the ordinary martial artists of the Asura Road didn’t know the best results of the final trial over the years.

But Soul Emperor Divine Void knew. He even had detailed information on the best trial challengers that participated in the last billion years. Out of all these people, those that achieved 80% or above only totaled a mere 10; this included the Good Fortune Saint Son and Soul Empress Sheng Mei.

As for an 85% completion rate, that had never occurred before. Thus, this was why Soul Emperor Divine Void had said ‘there is no one that can match you in the past and no one that will surpass you in the future’, when it came to describing...

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