MW Chapter 1666

Chapter 1666 – Late Divine Lord

Spring passed to fall and then back again. Within this Forsaken Mortal Tomb, Lin Ming constantly cultivated. In the blink of an eye, five years had gone by.

Lin Ming’s hair continued to grow and whenever it was too long Xiao Moxian would cut it for him. For these five years, Xiao Moxian hadn’t cut her hair at all. Because her hair wasn’t short to begin with, the current Xiao Moxian’s hair looked like a black waterfall that fell to her ankles, blooming like a rose.

Lin Ming sat in meditation, faint traces of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws continuously spinning around his body like countless threads of black silk.

Moreover, these black silk threads were twined together with the strange runes from the ancient bronze coffin. Through analyzing these, one could comprehend the true meaning of those mysterious runes.

Another three years passed.

Eight years later…

With Lin Ming’s effort, the energy within his body became increasingly rich.

Just by simply sitting on the ancient bronze coffin, his entire body emitting a brilliance like a divine Buddha.

Countless runes appeared on his skin, shimmering into existence within his flesh and blood. They floated in the void, automatically absorbing the essence of the heavens and earth.

The true meaning of the ancient bronze coffin’s runes unexpectedly appeared in the void around him. Their essence had already been comprehended by him.

“These are runes derived from the Asura Heavenly Dao. With these runes on the ancient bronze coffins, they are able to form massive spirit gathering arrays and swallow the essence energy from the heavens and earth to constantly nourish whatever it is that lies within these ancient coffins… if these runes were to fuse into my flesh and blood, then during battle they would automatically absorb the essence energy of the world on their own… even if the speed isn’t too fast, there are actually endless advantages to them…”

As Lin Ming spoke to himself, he formed seal after seal.

12 years later…

On this day, Lin Ming could clearly feel something change within him. His heart beat like a drum, every beat like a bolt of thunder, every beat causing the earth to quake along with his heart.

With a thought, a plain-looking pill flew into Lin Ming’s palm. This pill was the nameless ancient pill that Lin Ming had won at the Divine Rune City Auction.

Before, only a tiny bit of the essence energy from this pill had been absorbed by Lin Ming. 90% of its medicinal strength still remained.

Lin Ming directly swallowed down this nameless ancient pill. Then, a deep and robust strength broke into his inner world.

The current Lin Ming was far stronger than he was in the past. After subduing the Ravenous Wolf Star and opening the Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace, even the swelling stormy strength of the nameless ancient pill was unable to shake the root of Lin Ming’s foundation!

By borrowing this strength and all the accumulations he made during the last 12 years, Lin Ming finally began his breakthrough into the late Divine Lord realm!

There was a loud rumbling sound in his dantian and a wisp of deep blue spiritual strength appeared, wrapped with mysterious runes and filled with an immense aura that brimmed over with vitality.

Waves of spiritual strength, death energy, and the power of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws began to wildly attack the borders of Lin Ming’s inner world.

The Purple Temple Dao Palace appeared and waves of astral power impacted the world with tens of billions of jins of force. As all of this strength attacked the inner world, mountains were shattered and created, rivers were broken and formed…

Ka ka ka!

Thunder recklessly cast down and flames swept through the skies. The Heretical God Tree floated high in the air, sending out peals of tyrannical thunder, frantically expanding the boundaries of the inner world.

Wherever this strength went, space would explode into pieces.

However, this terrifying annihilating power of thunder and fire hid a shuddering vitality within it.

Following the destructive paths of the thunder and fire, a faint bright green color would appear in the world.

Through all these various strengths, the small world began to grow with marvelous changes occurring everywhere. A strange and misty life force spread throughout, becoming increasingly vibrant.

Such a change continued for over two months. Then, light began shooting out from Lin Ming’s pores. The evolution of his inner world was reaching its finale and the medicinal efficacy of the nameless ancient pill had also been fully absorbed by him.

In that instant, Lin Ming’s eyes flashed open. A terrifying aura erupted from his body. However, in the next moment, all of it was restrained, completely vanishing from the senses!

Even Xiao Moxian, who was looking at Lin Ming, couldn’t feel his existence.

Lin Ming’s aura seemed to have completely melted and fused into the world surrounding him.

The small world within his body also developed a strange connection to the outside.

The reason such a change occurred was that Lin Ming had finally broken into the late Divine Lord realm. But more than that, it was because he had already opened the Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace, allowing his body to commune with the heavens and earth, achieving a state of becoming one with the world.

“Big Brother Lin, you finally reached the late Divine Lord realm! The next boundary is a half-step Holy Lord and then the Holy Lord realm. After Big Brother Lin reaches the Holy Lord realm, I have no idea what your strength will be like. I even wonder if you’ll have a chance of surviving in the presence of an Empyrean…” Xiao Moxian hopefully whispered.

“Empyrean?” Lin Ming shook his head. “An Empyrean is far too strong. Even if I am at the Holy Lord realm I doubt I will be able to compare to even the weakest of Empyreans. Just the Great World King boundary is an enormous span. If I want to cross two large boundaries to challenge someone, I don’t think that is possible at all.”

Before this, Lin Ming had often been able to jump two large boundaries to fight. But, this had basically been the Divine Sea realm against the Divine Lord realm, or Divine Transformation realm against the Holy Lord realm.

However, the boundary that separated a Great World King and an Empyrean was far too large. And, those that manage to reach that realm were all outstanding existences. During their youth, they too were able to jump ranks to fight. If Lin Ming wanted to jump past two boundaries to fight characters like these, that would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

“Mm… fighting an Empyrean is a bit too exaggerated, but when you complete the final trial, your strength will further increase yet again. At that time, no one will be able to predict just where the limits of your strength are!”

“Final trial… perhaps it might not be so simple.” Lin Ming shook his head. He wasn’t able to predict just what completion percentage he would obtain after the final trial ended. “It’s not a good time for us to leave here yet. My late Divine Lord foundation is unstable and there is still a limitless amount of black turtle death energy and all sorts of strengths here. We can take this spiritual strength as food to consolidate both our late Divine Lord cultivations and stabilize our inner worlds.”

Lin Ming wasn’t in a hurry to leave; he still had several years before the final trial would begin. Before that, he still had to draw up a batch of divine runic symbols to use so that he would have additional trump cards when facing the dangers in the final trial.

During these next several years he had to consolidate his cultivation and steadily stand in the late Divine Lord realm.

As for Xiao Moxian, she also needed to cultivate so that she could attempt to reach the peak of the late Divine Lord realm.


What Lin Ming didn’t know was that during this period of seclusion, a considerable event was occurring in the Asura Road.

On one day, a blue phoenix appeared in the skies above the central province of Divine Void Divine Kingdom. This was a true Phoenix God Beast with a pure bloodline. And on this phoenix’s back was a mysterious woman wrapped in an icy blue dress.

This woman’s face was covered with gauze. As she stood there she seemed lofty and proud, someone that renounced the world and took solace in herself. As she appeared she attracted the attention of many people, and finally, she even alarmed the Divine Sovereign of the Divine Void Divine Kingdom – Soul Emperor Divine Void.

Soul Emperor Divine Void had already reached the True Divinity realm. Even so, he intentionally left seclusion to personally meet this blue-clothed woman…


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