MW Chapter 1664

Chapter 1664 – Receiving the Ravenous Wolf

Ka ka ka!

The skies were shattered by Lin Ming and a terrifying explosive sound tore through space. The moment that Lin Ming broke the nine star dao diagram, a surging force came gushing out from it like a thick purple python that rumbled into Lin Ming’s body.

As this strength entered Lin Ming’s body, it was like withered grasslands in a spell of drought finally receiving rainwater. In an instant, the massive blood vitality that he had used up was suddenly refilled by this strength. At the same time, a strange rhythm plunged into Lin Ming’s body, causing the runes that marked his flesh and bones to shine.

But at this moment, in the battle between the endless black turtle death energy and the golden giants formed from the residual will and spiritual strength of the ancient bronze coffins, as they were fighting against the phantoms of Empyrean Divine Dream and Empyrean Primordius, that battle finally came to a conclusion.

After all, the phantoms of Empyrean Primordius and Empyrean Divine Dream were only simulations created by the Heavenly Dao Laws; how could their strength be compared to true Empyreans?

The two phantom Empyreans were finally savagely suppressed by the world momentum...

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