MW Chapter 1663

Chapter 1663 – Breaking the Dao Diagram

The dao diagram in the sky possessed the infinite charm of the Great Dao. As Lin Ming was about to smash into it, the dao diagram emitted a gentle light that shrouded over him.

Lin Ming’s current blood vitality was boiling over, but as he was covered by this white light he felt as if all his memories had been seen. It was a strange and uncomfortable feeling.

In the blink of an eye the dao diagram became even larger. In the surface of the dao diagram a black hole appeared, and from this black hole a crystal smooth hand shot out, welcoming Lin Ming’s fist without any feeling.


As his fist struck this palm, a metallic grating noise sounded out and a brilliantly wild fluctuation of energy erupted.

It was like two stars colliding with each other. Fierce shockwaves spread out from the impact, stirring up a savage tornado of energy.

In the rumbling chaos, the billions and trillions of runes on the dao diagram rapidly dimmed.

“Mm!?” Lin Ming was shocked. Could this crystal smooth hand have been formed from the dao diagram? Strange… how could he feel as if he had met this presence before?

At this time, the dao diagram twisted and a hazy form emerged from the center of it. This person wore a...

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