MW Chapter 1662

Chapter 1662 – Impacting the Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace

Ash gray runes flew forth from Lin Ming’s fingers, flying all around him.

Before this breakthrough he had to make his final preparations.

These gray runes were formed from the Asura Sutra’s Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel. The demonic death energy within them followed the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws, completely in harmony with the atmosphere in the Forsaken Mortal Tomb.

After all, within the Forsaken Mortal Tomb, besides the power of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws that occupied every corner of this world, the greatest energy was the dense aura of dead souls.

These runes fell across the sky like scattering stars, creating something that resembled a massive black rune that spanned for 10,000 miles.

Using an entire month, Lin Ming formed a million runes and created a giant array formation. This array formation was meant to protect Lin Ming but also to gather the energy of the world unto his own body.

No matter how formidable the powers within the Forsaken Mortal Tomb were, they had to follow the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws. This allowed Lin Ming the chance to galvanize a portion of this power for his own use.

This time, with Lin Ming as the center, an incomparably large black beam of spiritual strength appeared and spread outwards. This was the Dark Spirit Gathering Array.

In order to impact the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and use the momentum of the world to help him, he needed to be flexible and adapt to the situation.

Lin Ming observed the Forsaken Mortal Tomb and found that he could use runes of the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel to form a simple spiritual energy gathering array formation that resonated with the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws.

Rumble rumble rumble

The array formation activated. A pitch black death energy emerged. Countless threads appeared from the array formation like innumerable black hands, beginning to stir up the death energy from the ancient bronze coffins that were millions of miles away. Even the spiritual strength of the Black Turtle God Beasts began to gather towards this focal point.

The strength that Lin Ming was able to summon in this graveyard was only a millionth of the power present here. Even so, this was more than astonishing!

Xiao Moxian was startled as she watched an infinite number of giant black turtle phantoms appear around Lin Ming before fading away.

After a quarter hour of gathering energy, Lin Ming took out the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill from his spatial ring and swallowed it into his stomach.

After swallowing the pill, Lin Ming felt as if he had swallowed the sun. He was ready to explode from the energy at any moment.

A boiling strength like lava surged out and into Lin Ming’s meridians and bones, wildly racing around and wreaking havoc where it went.

Lin Ming had already opened the Eight Hidden Inner Gates and even formed the Purple Temple Dao Palace. In terms of the intensity of his mortal body, he was dozens of times more formidable than an ancient vicious beast.

Even if a planet were to shatter upon him, his mortal body wouldn’t be crushed.

But such a powerful body was actually beginning to crack beneath the power of the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill and its galaxy-like strength. His skin, flesh, and bones all shook as if his body would be torn asunder.

His entire body began to expand like a balloon.

At the same time, waves of medicinal efficacy essence broke into every inch of his flesh and blood, making him feel happy and carefree.

He could feel the strength within his body and bones. His skin, meridians, flesh, blood, everything began to transform… evolve…

However, this strength finally fired into nine spots within his body.

These nine spots were like giant vortexes. Mysterious runes appeared within them as the aura of the Great Dao seethed around them.

In Xiao Moxian’s vision, she could see these nine spots on Lin Ming’s body begin to shine with a blood red light that pierced into the heavens.

This blood red light was incredibly intense, piercing through everything it touched. It began to resonate with a strange power in the darkness, summoning it.

Woosh – Woosh – Woosh

Fantastical beams of starlight suddenly fell down from the heavens, wrapping around Lin Ming’s body.

Wrapped in this starlight, Lin Ming felt even stronger and more solid.

Once again, he arrived in the pitch black space that belonged to the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

In the cold and still air above him, in the center of the universe, there were nine radiant stars shining, smoldering with arcane power.

These stars exuded a gentle light, one that echoed with the nine spots on Lin Ming’s body, instilling within him the strength of stars.

Lin Ming was so comfortable that he nearly groaned. The power of the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill surging within him was actually suppressed just a little bit.

However, he didn’t lose his mind in this endless glorious starlight. His eyes focused on one specific star.

This star was the Ravenous Wolf Star!

At this time, the Ravenous Wolf Star was undoubtedly the brightest of the nine stars. The strange and ghostly light it exuded echoed with a spot on Lin Ming’s body, causing the power of the stars to pour into it.

As this cold and gloomy starlight entered his body, Lin Ming remained vigilant even as he felt his own strength rapidly increasing. It wasn’t easy to absorb the starlight of the Ravenous Wolf Star. He had to maintain absolute focus to prevent any sudden changes!

Slowly, Lin Ming’s mortal body began to transform. The boundless medicinal efficacy within the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Power turned into strength, allowing Lin Ming’s mortal body to reach new heights in strength.

His body began to shine and give off heat. A glittering luster began to emit from his body, as if he were an ancient piece of jade that was finally being shaken and dusted off, exposing the magnificence beneath. From Lin Ming’s pores, he began to emit a milk-like medicinal efficacy, faint and hazy.

But at this moment, a harsh shriek spread to Lin Ming’s ears. An incomparably powerful aura of spiritual power appeared, seeming as if it were awakening from a deep sleep.


The calm medicinal efficacy that was transforming Lin Ming’s body suddenly turned wild. The skin on his body ruptured and blood vessels ripped apart as blood spurted out everywhere!


Lin Ming stuffily coughed. As he probed his body, he suddenly discovered that the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill’s pill spirit was being revived beneath the endless starlight of the Ravenous Wolf Star!

It was even possible that the starlight of the Ravenous Wolf Star was purposefully intending to arouse the pill spirit that Lin Ming had erased!

As Lin Ming realized this, his mind shook!

A brilliant light flashed through his pupils like lighting – this was the critical moment as he was suppressing his mortal body in order to attack and absorb the Ravenous Wolf Star. If there was a rebellion within his body then this would be a major catastrophe!

If he were under assault from both within and without, he would definitely explode and perish!

Lin Ming’s hands moved and he drew pitch black lines of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws in the void.

The energy stored within the Dark Spirit Gathering Array began to gush out as it was activated by the traction of the Laws!

Lin Ming had spent a great deal of time and energy to form this array formation that gathered the power of the world, and the reason for that was to prevent this scene from occurring.

With a deep roar, a black turtle-shaped fluctuation of energy leapt out from the Dark Spirit Gathering Array, turning into a beam of black light. With a howl, it pounced towards Lin Ming.

This horrifying flow of energy sparkled as it disappeared into Lin Ming’s body.

Although this was only the aura left behind by a dead God Beast, when this power was condensed by the Dark Spirit Gathering Array, then by borrowing the momentum of the world here it was more than enough to contend with the strength of the Ravenous Wolf Star!

Suddenly, the aura of the black turtle began to wrestle with the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill Spirit deep in Lin Ming’s body.

One power was beneath Lin Ming’s control, wanting to suppress everything. The other power didn’t want to be shackled, it wanted to escape into the skies.

Rumble rumble rumble!

In the fierce combat, the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill’s medicinal efficacy constantly melted away. Lin Ming took this chance to take hold of all this medicinal efficacy and send it into his muscles, flesh, and blood… into every inch of his body.

His muscles were constantly flushed with an incomparably powerful medicinal efficacy. Lin Ming’s strength rapidly rose.

At the same time he simultaneously guided the movements of the Asura Heavenly Dao Law lines within the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill, squeezing even more medicinal efficacy to leak out.

In the end the balanced Asura Heavenly Dao Laws within the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill collapsed. On the outside, the energy of the black turtle attacked it.

Finally, the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill turned into waves of liquid medicine that ruthlessly exploded.

The raging sea of medicinal efficacy was like snakes and dragons as it broke into Lin Ming’s body, thoroughly fusing with him.

Beneath the tremendous scouring of the medicinal efficacy, every pore of Lin Ming’s body began to shine with a brilliant light as his strength rose to all new levels.

Occasionally, wisps of blood would shoot out from his wounds like bolts of lightning, blinding to the eyes.

The Heretical God Tree also began to grow. It became majestic and dignified, exuding the power of countless runes.


As Lin Ming’s strength reached the limit, his body seemed to be on the verge of exploding. Then, Lin Ming’s head fell back as two beams of substantialized energy shot out from his eyes like black columns that shot into the skies! As this happened, his body rose up from the ground.

His entire body sparked with arcs of electricity. Like a dragon flying through the heavens, he shot towards the most brilliant Ravenous Wolf Star!

The moment that he shot up, the ground beneath his feet began to howl as the energy gathered into a focal point. With a cracking sound, the entire array seemed as if it was being crushed like glass!

Then, the Dark Spirit Gathering Array’s mission was already complete. All of the strength contained within it merged into Lin Ming’s body!

With the momentum from this boost of power, Lin Ming shot up at an unbelievable velocity. His body burst out with a terrifying blood vitality, his entire body igniting with dazzling flames from the high-speed air friction.

Wherever he went, even the void would be twisted like it would shatter at any moment underneath the overwhelming momentum.

As Lin Ming was about to approach the Ravenous Wolf Star, the void around it suddenly filled with the sound of rumbling thunder.

A strange and vast aura appeared in the air.

Lin Ming remained vigilant. Goosebumps rose up from all over his body. This was his body’s instinctual reaction from sensing an inexplicable danger.

Like the last time he impacted the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, lines of the Great Dao appeared in space, binding together to form a giant dao diagram.

On this dao diagram, all sorts of phantoms appeared. There were galaxies, stars, mountains, rivers, birds, animals, insects, and all the myriad life forms in the universe.

In the middle of every pattern were countless tiny flashing runes.

During this second impact, Lin Ming unhesitatingly exploded towards the dao diagram. His strength surged and his blood vitality billowed around him. His fist flashed out in a series of strikes that created sonic booms that echoed like peals of thunder.

Now that the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill had tempered his mortal body, filling it with infinite strength, he was brimming with confidence.


His mortal body trampled through the void as his speed increased yet again. His fist that seemed as if it could destroy everything suddenly arrived before the dao diagram.

This dao diagram represented the will of the Heavenly Dao. Every flashing rune within it had infinite variations, each variation possessing a wisp of the Laws.

This was a strength able to suppress all the strength in the world.

Lin Ming’s fist carried with it an indomitable momentum as it came heavily crashing down!


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