MW Chapter 1661

Chapter 1661 - Forsaken Mortal Tomb

Lin Ming’s fingers swiftly flew through the void, continuously leaving behind shining lines of the Asura Heavenly Dao. These lines fell down in a raging storm like a rain of endless needles.

The many lines immediately marked themselves on the heart-like Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill.

The instant that the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill was marked by the runes, Lin Ming could feel it fiercely struggle. It was like a vicious lion wildly thrashing about; this was the pill spirit that developed within the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill.

The pill spirit of the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill was cunning and swift like the Ravenous Wolf Star itself. It was cruel and strange. Facing this pill spirit, Lin Ming’s complexion was indifferent. His fingers flashed and the lines of the array formation pierced through the pill spirit!

The pill spirit’s struggle became more intense and its faint pitiful wails filled the air. The pill beat like a heart yet issued screams; it was extremely ghostly and demonic!

After a quarter hour the pill slowly stopped struggling. Like this, the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill’s spirit was erased by Lin Ming.

The Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill’s pill spirit was sly and deceitful; it would not be willing to be swallowed. When Lin Ming was making his breakthrough he would be at his weakest point and if he swallowed the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill at this moment he might suffer a backlash from the pill spirit. This would definitely cause a great deal of trouble so erasing it was the best solution.

Lin Ming tentatively picked up the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill. As he felt the oppressive strength within it, one that seemed as if it could crush anyone to pieces, his heart filled with joy and satisfaction.

Xiao Moxian was also happy. When she broke through the late Divine Lord realm her senses had become even sharper and she was able to keenly feel the explosive strength contained within the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill.

“This thing… Big Brother Lin, do you plan on directly swallowing it like this?” Xiao Moxian licked her lips. At the start she had been thinking that Lin Ming would hurry up and absorb the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill. But now as she felt that unimaginably dense energy within it, her heart began to race.

The Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill was evil and cruel. If Lin Ming swallowed it directly, would he be able to withstand it?

“I must swallow it, but if I do, I’m afraid my body won’t be able to withstand it. The world momentum in Yin Yang Despair Valley is lacking. We must find the Forsaken Mortal Tomb and use the world momentum there to suppress the strength of the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill and attack the Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace!” Lin Ming’s complexion was solemn. His eyes began to sweep over the entirety of Yin Yang Despair Valley.

Looking all around, there were wildly raging currents of fire and thunder, whistling black winds, and even an ice zone that could instantly freeze one’s soul. In Yin Yang Despair Valley, destructive forces flooded the entire land and it was still unknown just how they gathered here.

Lin Ming stepped forwards, searching the valley with Xiao Moxian for any clues on the Forsaken Mortal Tomb.

After searching for some time, they discovered that Yin Yang Despair Valley was a dead end. There was only an entrance and no exit. Moreover, even though this place was far smaller than Lin Ming had first imagined, he still wasn’t able to find any clues on the Forsaken Mortal Tomb.

“Big Brother Lin, is the Forsaken Mortal Tomb really together with Yin Yang Despair Valley? We can’t even find the exit…”

Lin Ming remained silent. His eyes were observing the space in front of him.

The twisting space fluctuations in front of him gave off an extremely strange feeling.

In Yin Yang Despair Valley, the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws were everywhere. Lin Ming rapidly deduced every change in the power of these Laws.

These deductions were like a giant invisible hand that controlled the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws, allowing him to utilize them and explore Yin Yang Despair Valley.

As a result, he discovered that the void in front of him was emitting an ancient and bleak aura.

There was something strange here!

His eyes flashed and the Phoenix Blood Spear shot out, smashing into a node in space.

This node just happened to be the weakest point in space indicated by the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws.

The distorted space, underneath the impact of billions of jins of force, began to collapse, like a giant gate that was caving in on itself.

A distant and ancient atmosphere surged outwards, one that seemed to originate from the dawn of the heavens and earth.

Lin Ming looked around and saw that the inside was misty and filled with spiritual strength. It was a vast world with the horizon stretching past his sight.

Then, he quickly rushed in.

Xiao Moxian followed close behind him, also entering.

“This is…”

As soon as he arrived, Lin Ming was shocked by the scene he saw.

This was truly a separate world and the space node leading outside was faintly recognizable high in the clouds.

He and Xiao Moxian floated high in the air, given a bird’s eye view of the breadth and length of this boundless world.

This world seemed to be without end. Just the ground was several hundred miles beneath them!

Looking down, they could see a gray and ancient wilderness stretching to the ends of the skies. Rivers winded through the lands like twisting dragons, surging with strength!

And above this great land were massive shadows that seemed like million foot high mountains.

Lin Ming focused his eyes on these shadows and saw that they were actually incomparably massive black turtles, crawling on the ground like mountains.

Their pointy turtle shells entered high into the clouds, covered in endless fog.

The black turtles emitted a dark aura, one similar to the aura of the Black Dragon Sovereign who lived in the depths of the Eternal Demon Abyss.

These black turtles were absolutely God Beast level divine beings.

“Big Brother Lin, look over there… there are giant coffins on the backs of the turtles…” Xiao Moxian mumbled in shock, her eyes focused far into the distance.

Lin Ming looked over and saw that on the back of every turtle was a massive ancient bronze coffin that towered into the skies, standing tall and firm!

Weng~ Weng~ Weng~

Waves of rich spiritual strength continuously surged out from these ancient bronze coffins, filling the world with energy.

Countless runes followed this flowing spiritual strength, flitting through the skies like rivers of stars.

Seeing these ancient coffins, Lin Ming was panic-stricken. The incalculable aura emanating from them even left him feeling terrified.

These ancient coffins were several miles large in radius, as large as a grand palace. Even if a coiling ridge giant were to lie down in one of these coffins they would only occupy a tiny corner of it.

“This is the Forsaken Mortal Tomb? What is the meaning of the words Forsaken Mortal? Could the people buried within the bronze coffins be those… Forsaken Mortals?”

Lin Ming frowned. In the world of the Asura Road there were far too many legends. This included Tragic Death Valley, the Great Desolate, the Stormy Sea – every land had its own corresponding legends and fables.

There were many variations of these stories. But because these stories had been in existence for far too long, they were no longer credible.

As for the Forsaken Mortal Tomb, legends about this land were very rare. This was probably because when most people entered Yin Yang Despair Valley, they didn’t know how to enter the Forsaken Mortal Tomb. Only those who experienced a great stroke of luck would be able to enter this place. As for what the ‘Forsaken Mortal’ meant, no one was sure.

Some people believed that they were giant servants who fought under the Asura Road Master in the past. There were even some people who believed that these Forsaken Mortals were the ancestors of the coiling ridge giants!

But although the current coiling ridge giants that lived deep in the Great Desolate could be considered a powerful race, they couldn’t be compared to the Forsaken Mortals that lived in the ancient past.

The bloodline of the coiling ridge giants had been diluted far too much over time. They were even losing their wisdom and becoming more like vicious beasts.

But even though their intellect had diminished from in the past, their bloodline still held the mark of the ‘Forsaken Mortals’. This was also the reason why they felt a deep sense of fear and awe towards the Forsaken Mortal Tomb and defended the edges of Yin Yang Despair Valley.

Lin Ming’s desire to enter Yin Yang Despair Valley had evoked a maniacal anger from them. Even so, their veneration of this land could not be changed and when Lin Ming had rushed in they could only watch helplessly on without giving chase.

As Lin Ming was lost in thought, he suddenly saw that in the far off distance where the spiritual strength was the strongest and where the end of the land was, there was an even larger black turtle. Its shell stretched for thousands of miles and misty spiritual power gushed out from it like waterfalls, floating all around it in amounts high enough to hide the world in shadows.

This black turtle was over ten times larger than the other black turtles. Its aura had already surpassed the level of a God Beast and nearly reached that of a True Divinity. Even from such a far distance, Lin Ming was finding it hard to face this presence!

“Let’s go!”

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian flew over to the phantom of the largest black turtle.

As the two flew through the skies they passed many black turtles. In the legends it was said that a black turtle could live for over a billion years and was the longest lived species in the universe. But in this Forsaken Mortal Tomb, without exception, all of these black turtles had turned into bones. Only their grand and colossal shells that rose into the skies seemed to tell of their once brilliant past.

Flying over this graveyard, Lin Ming felt an incomparably sad and dismal aura, one so profound that he nearly lost his mind. In shock, Lin Ming hurriedly revolved the Divine Mist Heart Mantra, only then calming down his racing heart.

Lin Ming turned to glance at Xiao Moxian and discovered that he didn’t need to worry about her. Her God Beast physique made it even easier for her to resist this desolate aura within the Forsaken Mortal Tomb.

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian finally arrived on the back of the largest turtle’s shell. This black turtle was so massive that it resembled a planet.

As for the ancient coffin on the black turtle’s back, it was also the size of the mountain. The surface of the coffin was covered with mysterious runes that emitted a majestic spiritual light.

Every beam of spiritual light possessed an astonishing amount of energy. Each beam shot into the sky, creating a vacuum in space.

Lin Ming thought for a moment. Then, he lightly swept the Phoenix Blood Spear over a tiny corner of the spiritual light. Even with this tiny movement he still felt his arm shake and go numb. These lights definitely had an impact force of at least 10 billion jins.

The ancient coffins were sealed shut and bound with runes. With Lin Ming’s cultivation, wanting to open them was impossible.

“Forsaken Mortals… these are proud children of the heavens from ancient times that are interred in these coffins…” Lin Ming mumbled to himself. But with that, he no longer bothered with these thoughts.

Currently, there was no meaning in dwelling on these thoughts. After all, they were far too remote a matter for him. What was important was what he had to do now – attack the second Dao Palace, the Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace!

Originally, Lin Ming was only making a guess from Torchriver’s memories that Forsaken Mortal Tomb would be an ideal place to make a breakthrough. But now that he truly arrived here, he discovered this place was far better than he had anticipated!

There were these incredible and endless black turtles, the unusual ancient bronze coffins that were flush with energy, and most importantly the breath of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws here that flooded every inch of space, ten times stronger than that of Yin Yang Despair Valley.

With the incredibly strong existence of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws that were present here, he could draw in all the strength from within the Forsaken Mortal Tomb, using the momentum here to suppress the Ravenous Wolf Star.



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