MW Chapter 1661

Chapter 1661 - Forsaken Mortal Tomb

Lin Ming’s fingers swiftly flew through the void, continuously leaving behind shining lines of the Asura Heavenly Dao. These lines fell down in a raging storm like a rain of endless needles.

The many lines immediately marked themselves on the heart-like Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill.

The instant that the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill was marked by the runes, Lin Ming could feel it fiercely struggle. It was like a vicious lion wildly thrashing about; this was the pill spirit that developed within the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill.

The pill spirit of the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill was cunning and swift like the Ravenous Wolf Star itself. It was cruel and strange. Facing this pill spirit, Lin Ming’s complexion was indifferent. His fingers flashed and the lines of the array formation pierced through the pill spirit!

The pill spirit’s struggle became more intense and its faint pitiful wails filled the air. The pill beat like a heart yet issued screams; it was extremely ghostly and demonic!

After a quarter hour the pill slowly stopped struggling. Like this, the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill’s spirit was erased by Lin Ming.

The Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill’s pill spirit was sly and deceitful; it would not be willing to...

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