MW Chapter 1660

Chapter 1660 – Completing the Pill

Lin Ming’s mind blazed with numerous calculations. He thrust out a finger and drew it through the void furnace, immediately causing lines of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws to shine.

The skies above Yin Yang Despair Valley began to violently billow. A massive burst of death energy exploded in the skies and was dragged downwards like a black inverted mountain peak.


The jade dragon spirit just happened to be raging in the air above the void furnace. But then, it was suddenly struck by the immense amounts of death energy.

All of it crashed into the jade dragon horn.

At this time, a cruel and brutal aura erupted forth from the heaven devouring snake gallbladder.

A 100 foot long snake manifested in the air, biting towards that death energy and even managing to bite it in half!

Then, the dragon spirit aura within the dragon saliva grass also awoke from its deep unconsciousness. Even the primal jade quintessence began to emit a misty earth brown color. These energies surged out in all directions as if they wanted to desperately crush apart the void furnace and blow it away.

Every impact caused a terrifying shockwave to roll outwards.

The void furnace was formed from countless threads of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws that had been bound together. But as these wild strengths surged within it, they caused the void furnace to constantly inflate like a balloon.

After the Asura Heavenly Dao Law lines absorbed all of these different strengths and continued to expand, they retained their shape without any sign that they would crack apart.

Lin Ming calmly smashed his palm into the ground.


A massive hole appeared in the ground and a flow of chaotic earth brown air streamed out.

As this brown energy flow streamed out, anything that it touched was invaded with the power of earth. This was actually the purest form of the power of earth – Earth Pith!

Earth Piths were similar to Fire Elementals and Thunder Sources – they were a marvelous strength bred from deep in the earth. Earth Piths contained the purest and thickest earth essence energy. They were normally hidden hundreds of millions or billions of miles in the ground, perhaps only existing in the deepest depths of magma pools. They were extremely hard to detect.

But because Lin Ming had a deep understanding of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws, he could rely on them to borrow every source of strength within Yin Yang Despair Valley.

As soon as he sensed the Earth Pith hiding deep in the ground below him, he had summoned it, guiding it to the surface.

His fingers drew ghostly lines in the void that corresponded with the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws, as if he were building a bridge.

The Earth Pith was gradually drawn upwards, slowly climbing this bridge and entering the void furnace.

In the midst of those several wildly raging spiritual strengths, the pure Earth Pith was like a black profound turtle, filled with great strength and stability, carrying with it an indomitable aura that mercilessly suppressed those strengths!

With a loud rumbling sound, the snake spirit from the heaven devouring snake gallbladder, the dragon spirit aura from the dragon saliva grass, and the spiritual strength from the primal jade quintessence were suddenly struck by this power that came from deep underground.

They were like sharp spears smashing into an indestructible shield.

The Earth Pith was bitten by the snake spirit and dragon spirit to no avail and even the spiritual strength began to wither away.

Slowly, the dragon spirit and snake spirit began to erode. The earth brown luster was even able to wear away at soul force. The two great spirit bodies were originally filled with vitality and shining with a radiant light, but now they had become dark gray, incomparably weak and bleak.

At this time, a mass of earth brown spiritual power shot up into the skies, crashing into the Earth Pith. The mass of spiritual power opened wide like a massive jaw and bit down on the Earth Pith.

Kacha! Kacha!

That spiritual power was actually eating up the terrifying Earth Pith as if it was a snack.

After three or four bites, the earth brown spiritual power rapidly expanded and began crashing around into the sides of the void furnace.

Lin Ming was startled. In order to refine the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill a tremendous amount of top grade materials were required, and now these materials had started a war.

This primal jade quintessence was a spiritual object that had lived in the center of a world for billions of years and was also an earth-attribute sacred spirit. Because of this, it was able to absorb the power of the Earth Pith. If the primal jade quintessence was allowed to expand as it pleased, then even if it wasn’t able to break through the imprisonment of the void furnace created by the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws, it would still make refining the pill incomparably hard.

Lin Ming began to murmur a mantra in his mind. Behind him, the phantom of a giant divine tree slowly appeared. As it flickered into existence, the power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation exploded outwards! A dazzling light erupted like thousands of rising suns, all of them following the paths of the Heavenly Dao Laws. Without sentiment or pity, these beams of light stabbed into the key points of the primal jade quintessence’s spirit.

In this raging sea of thunder and flames, the recently-inflated primal jade quintessence began to rapidly diminish in size.

Without hesitation, Lin Ming punched the void, tearing it apart.

The space here was unstable to begin with. With Lin Ming’s understanding of the Asura Heavenly Dao, smashing apart space wasn’t difficult at all.

A space storm was pulled out by him. The space storm cut a vacuum path in the air as it fired towards the primal jade quintessence within the void furnace.

Cha – cha –

The primal jade quintessence’s aura was cut apart like butter in the hot sun.

Death energy, spiritual energy, space storms, Earth Pith strength, Phoenix Blood Spear potential, jet black nirvanic flames…

All of the powers that could be summoned in Yin Yang Despair Valley were pulled into the middle of the void furnace by him.

Not only that, but Lin Ming’s hands flickered once more and the air began to shine with the mysterious strength of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws once more. Using these Law lines in the space, he began to stir up a giant vortex.

No matter what strength it was, everything was pulled into that vortex and into the void furnace. The primal jade quintessence and all the other heavenly materials were ruthlessly suppressed!

All of these different billowing strengths raged around like multicolored rivers of stars, surging waves in a great sea.

All of the strengths within Yin Yang Despair Valley were pulled in and fused together. Even the coiling ridge giant corpses in the icy mountain valleys emitted faint traces of death energy that gathered into the vortex.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

This was the equivalent of all the strengths within Yin Yang Despair Valley crushing and grinding down the jade dragon horn’s dragon spirit and all of the other spirits of the different heavenly treasures.

The void furnace withstood all of this tyrannical strength, rapidly expanding like a balloon.

Even Xiao Moxian was startled by all of these wild strengths smashing into each other. Like a small bunny hopping away she immediately jumped back 10 miles.

Only Lin Ming still floated in the skies like before, his arms spread wide. All sorts of energy lines wove around him, constantly repairing and supplementing the void furnace, maintaining its strength and supporting its continued revolution.

In the midst of the furnace, the dragon spirit of the jade dragon horn was the first to give up. Its body stiffened and it began to crack apart.

Soon after that, the spirit of the heaven devouring snake gallbladder was swallowed up by the several strengths and broken down, turning into a snake-like fluid.

Dragon saliva grass, primal jade quintessence… beneath the crashing waves of strength, they were like pills being crushed in a mortar by a medicine pestle, continuously cracking apart into different essences.

Beneath nirvanic flames and heavenly tribulation flames, these essences were catalyzed by the other spiritual forces and began to fuse together.

Red, white, blue… multicolored hues of liquid were smelting together, constantly attacking each other and wearing each other down…

Lin Ming sat in meditation, his eyes shut even as his hands carefully manipulated the powers floating above him, turning them all into flames.

These flames were not true burning flames, but virtual flames formed from energy. This strength constantly flowed out from all over Yin Yang Despair Valley. Some flames were heated like fiery flames, some were ghostly and ethereal, and some emitted a dreadful aura. All of these flames entered the void furnace and helped in melting the materials within.

Placed in the midst of all these energies, although Lin Ming was only refining a pill, he still had strength constantly flowing into him as if he were immersed in a sea of energy.

His entire body felt comfortable. No matter how many tough calculations he had to make or how many Asura Heavenly Dao Law lines he had to manipulate, or how much soul force he had to use, he didn’t feel tired at all.

This entire Yin Yang Despair Valley had existed here for billions of years already. The strength saved up in this land was alarming.

Lin Ming stayed in this state for a full three years. During this entire time he didn’t feel as if the powers in Yin Yang Despair Valley diminished even the slightest bit.

As for the void furnace, all of the strengths that were pulled there by Lin Ming had turned into ghostly azure-colored flames – this was a phenomenon that only occurred once flames reached an extremely terrifying temperature.

A great deal of the materials and medicinal essences inside began to slowly absorb these different strengths. Within the center of this endless medicinal efficacy, a life seemed to be forming. This existence was blood red and brimming over with an atmosphere of intense life vitality.

Lin Ming knew that the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill was soon about to condense!

After another month, the last drop of liquid fused into the middle of the breeding existence.

An incomprehensibly powerful surge of energy washed out, one that shocked even Lin Ming. This was something that spread out from the breeding existence in the void furnace.

Lin Ming’s eyes shot open. A brilliant light exploded in his eyes like a bolt of lightning in the dark.

A snow white runic symbol, the medicinal runic symbol, was thrust into the breeding object.

The object began to give off a blazing heat. Blinding arcs of light shot out from its surface…

Finally, with the sound of cracking glass, a blood red pill appeared within the void furnace, one the size of a heart.

As this pill appeared, dao pattern energy currents appeared around it, making it appear supernatural and strange.

The blood red medicinal fragrance turned into liquid. As the pill floated in this liquid, it exuded an inexplicably formidable pressure.

The pill began to throb like a beating heart, as loud as rumbling thunder.

It was like it wasn’t a pill but the heart of a True Divinity.

Lin Ming was ecstatic with joy. This was the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill, the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill! He had finally succeeded!

Suddenly, the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill started to rush about in all directions, wanting to escape from the void furnace.

Lin Ming was surprised. After the medicinal efficacy had been refined to the limit, the pill had gained a wisdom of its own and wanted to escape. Some pills, after escaping, could even cultivate into a spiritual being!

This sort of situation appeared because the materials Lin Ming used to refine the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill were extremely precious. Moreover, the improved medicinal runic symbol had increased the medicinal efficacy of the pill.

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. The entire void furnace began to shrink and compress in on itself. Within it, all of the massive flames formed from strengths of Yin Yang Despair Valley also condensed. Underneath Lin Ming’s control, they constantly poured into the Asura Heavenly Dao Law patterns that formed the furnace.

Immediately, because the void furnace was fused with infinite strength, it began to sparkle with a brilliant light.

Every single wisp of the Asura Heavenly Dao Law lines was filled with an incomparably vast energy!

As for the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill, it was tightly shackled by this tremendous energy!


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