Chapter 166 - Witch Sisters

Chapter 166 – Witch Sisters

Lin Ming put away the spatial ring, and poured some true essence into his Flame Essence to cremate Huo Gong. However at this moment, a flash of flame blazed out from Lin Ming’s hand.

Lin Ming was shocked.


He saw that the flame had taken on a deep garnet color, and snakes of flames seemed as if they were the petals of a blooming lotus flower. Obviously, his flames had taken on some of the characteristics of the Red Lotus Demonic Inflammation.

Even with such a tiny surge of flames, it still created a whistling heat wave that flooded the area like a soaring tide of fire. Lin Ming was stirred. He took a sharp steel dagger from his spatial ring and passed it through the flames. In only a few breaths of time, the edge of the knife had actually turned red as it softened, and finally melted into a lump of liquid steel.

Lin Ming was elated; the new flames that he conjured were on a much higher level than those of the lava fire flames. Although the burning lava was hot, it still wasn’t enough to melt steel.

Lin Ming waved his hand and a wisp of flame fell onto Huo Gong’s corpse. With a chichi sound, Huo Gong’s corpse was quickly enveloped by this dark red flame. Since this flame was easily able to melt steel, its effects on a human body could be imagined. In a mere moment, Huo Gong had...

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