MW Chapter 1658B

Chapter 1658B – Yin Yang Despair Valley

From a high and commanding position, Lin Ming could see that around a thousand miles away, there were several giants as high as mountains. They had lit up a raging fire that seemed to burn the heavens as they roasted a mountain-sized beast upon it.

“Brother Lin, haha! We’ve finally found the coiling ridge giants. This Yin Yang Despair Valley, Forsaken Valley Tomb is the place that they protect. We should be able to find it soon.” Xiao Moxian said, her smile reaching from ear to ear.

“Yes, but dealing with these wild giants will be troublesome…” Since Yin Yang Despair Valley was a totem-like existence that the coiling ridge giants protected, they naturally wouldn’t let outsiders enter it.

Moreover, these coiling ridge giants were one of the terrifying species that lived in the depths of the Great Desolate. Although they couldn’t be compared with God Beasts, a grown coiling ridge giant could still resist an ordinary World King. Lin Ming could deal with two or three of them, but it would be difficult if more appeared.

“We only need to follow them. According to Heaven’s Secret, the coiling ridge giants only have a small population and are almost always keeping guard over their nearby danger zones. I think the reason they came out this time is to hunt and after their hunt is complete they will return.” Lin Ming confidently said as his eyes passed over the mountain-sized beast that was being roasted.

Xiao Moxian nodded. They focused their attention, patiently waiting.

The three large coiling ridge giants ate for a full two hours, finally finishing eating up that massive vicious beast that hung over the barbecue fire.

Then, the coiling ridge giants burped out loud. They each carried a giant beast over their shoulders and started walking deeper into the Great Desolate.

Bang – Bang – Bang –

Each footstep rang through the air like the beat of a giant drum, shaking the air.

The land surged and shook.

Lin Ming put away Primordius Heavenly Palace, hid his aura, and carefully followed behind the three coiling ridge giants with Xiao Moxian close behind him.

The coiling ridge giants moved fast. Each step left behind a giant footprint in the earth.

After following for an incense stick of time, a ghostly black mountain peak began to appear in the distance.

A single step from a coiling ridge giant could cross over an entire mountain valley. Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian had to doggedly chase after them lest they be left behind.

Suddenly, Lin Ming detected something in the air. His surroundings had become much more humid, to the point where it seemed as if the air would begin leaking water.

“What thick air moisture.” Xiao Moxian commented, surprised.

The two of them flew 10,000 feet high to look further into the distance. As they saw what was several hundred miles away, both of them were stunned.

High in the sky was a titanic flood of water, endlessly falling. It stretched upwards to the heavens and even with Lin Ming’s current strength he couldn’t estimate just where it started. The massive deluge of water fell down like an infinite waterfall, with enough force to shatter the world.

Beneath this flood of water was a profound and unfathomable darkness.

Water vapor sprayed all around, turning the entire surrounding area into a wet climate zone.

It was unknown how deep that black abyss was, but even that seemingly inexhaustible flood of water couldn’t fill it. It was hard to imagine just how large the world beneath was.

“This is ‘where the sea falls from the heavens and into the endless deep’! But, where is this water coming from? Why would it be falling down from the skies?” Xiao Moxian muttered to herself, completely bewildered. This strange and amazing creation was simply incredible.

The three coiling ridge giants walked towards the massive sea of water.

Afterwards, with great steps, they walked into the endless waves. Their massive figures were drowned out by the waters.

“These great waters are falling from a mountain peak that is as high as the heavens!” Lin Ming’s soul force was keen and he could faintly feel that behind this endless deluge of water was a ghostly black mountain peak, one so high he couldn’t make out the top.

This massive mountain peak was so high that even several planets stacked together would seem tiny in front of it. It wasn’t something that mortal minds could comprehend.

And they especially couldn’t imagine where the source of this water came from.

“Follow them closely!” Lin Ming called out to Xiao Moxian. In order to prevent any mishaps, the two of them once again took out Primordius Heavenly Palace and began riding in it.

But this time, Lin Ming had shrunk Primordius Heavenly Palace much more than before.

Primordius Heavenly Palace itself contained profound time-space array formations within it and it could shrink or grow to whatever size was needed. Now, Lin Ming turned it into the size of a rock. As he followed behind the three giants, Primordius Heavenly Palace seemed quite common.

Woosh –

Primordius Heavenly Palace emitted a faint aura of grandmist energy as it broke into the rush of water with the three coiling ridge giants.

As soon as they entered the great waters, the endless waves, undercurrents, and massive strengths contained within began to unceasingly tear at Primordius Heavenly Palace.

However, how could an Empyrean spirit treasure be so easily destroyed? A vast strength surged out from the Heavenly Palace, immediately stopping these destructive waves.

Slowly, as Primordius Heavenly Palace cut its way forwards, the force within the waters became weaker.

Faintly, they could make out something a mile away.

A mile in front of them was actually a giant cave.

At the edge of the cave were dozens of coiling ridge giants kneeling on the ground, seeming as if they were worshipping something inside.

One of the coiling ridge giants appeared to be an old man. His body was ash gray and he lay on the ground, motionless.

Nearby was another old coiling ridge giant wearing a strange golden crown. This giant was muttering sacred words and constantly spitting out runes. As these runes appeared, they swallowed the endless spiritual power in the surrounding space and then turned solid gold as they fell onto the skin of the seemingly dead old coiling ridge giant.

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian could both feel the great strength of the old coiling ridge giant that seemed to be offering a sacrifice.

Every rune that this giant read out would stir up phantoms in the void. These runes seemed to have been carved into the flesh and blood of the coiling ridge giant, just like the Laws that were carved into the flesh and blood of God Beasts. These types of existences were all favored children of the world!

With so many coiling ridge giants, Lin Ming naturally wouldn’t provoke them. This was already considered deep in the Great Desolate and there were countless horrifying and fantastical existences here. Even an Empyrean wouldn’t dare recklessly act as they wished.

For now, Lin Ming could only calmly observe what was happening. He couldn’t easily enter the cave.

Suddenly, that old giant that was praying shouted out loud. His voice was like a peal of thunder, and even though Lin Ming was hiding within Primordius Heavenly Palace, he still felt his ears shake.

A wave of grandmist energy surged out and only then was this powerful vibrating suppressed.

All of the coiling ridge giants stood up. Four of them were particularly tall and strong, their heads even disappearing into the shadows of the cave.

These four giants lifted up the dead old giant and brought him near the edge of the great waters. Then, they threw his corpse inside, seeming to be burying him this way.

But what was a coincidence was that this massive giant corpse actually started falling towards the area where Lin Ming was!

To Lin Ming, this coincidence was a tremendous misfortune!

The moment that the giant corpse struck the water, the grandmist energy that was being sent out by Primordius Heavenly Palace was also sensed by the worshipping giants.

A lightning sharp vision focused on Primordius Heavenly Palace.

The coiling ridge giants never imagined that there would be some foreign existence hiding in the waves of the water. Moreover, they could feel that this was a powerful entity!

They were angry – they roared!

The boundless soundwaves struck like endlessly crashing shockwaves as they hurtled at Primordius Heavenly Palace. Within these sound waves were also flashing golden runes.

Each rune contained the breath of the Great Dao, a powerful strength that seemed as if it could annihilate everything. This was the special talent of the coiling ridge giant race!

“This is bad!”

Lin Ming was panic-stricken. There were already far too many coiling ridge giants and above that, the old worshipping giant was incomparably formidable!

Luckily, Lin Ming had already achieved a mind state of one with Primordius Heavenly Palace. In this grave and critical moment, countless magic patterns appeared, combining with the surrounding grandmist energy to form layers of defensive barriers.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The layers of defensive barriers were crushed and torn apart by those strange golden runes. Finally, when the attack reached Primordius Heavenly Palace, it caused the entire palace to violently shake! After all, Lin Ming was weaker than a Great World King and he wasn’t able to reach the standards of an Empyrean managing Primordius Heavenly Palace. To persist against a barrage of attacks from these coiling ridge giants that weren’t much weaker than low level God Beasts was extremely difficult.


As the old giant was gathering the other coiling ridge giants to attack once more, Lin Ming controlled Primordius Heavenly Palace and dove deep into the endless black abyss along with the giant’s corpse.

The shrunken Primordius Heavenly Palace was sheltered by the corpse. The old giant was only able to roar out several times in vain, and in the end it could only watch blankly on, not daring to do anything else.

It was unknown how long they fell downwards into the abyss. It seemed as if ten days and ten nights had passed.

Lin Ming only felt that Primordius Heavenly Palace was pushed downwards by some massive impact force. At first all he could see around him was the endlessly falling water, but later his surroundings were only the endless dark.

It was like halfway down, the massive deluge of water had rushed into some other channel.

After another long period of time, there was a massive explosive sound. The entirety of Primordius Heavenly Palace finally struck the ground, causing a giant detonation.

Fortunately, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were already prepared. Their bodies were surrounded by layers of grandmist energy and the power of god runes.

Even with all these preparations, their defenses were still crushed beneath the powerful impact force. Lin Ming felt as if all the bones in his body were shaken up.

“Eh? What is this?”

As Lin Ming crawled out from Primordius Heavenly Palace, he could feel an exceptionally terrifying aura rush towards him from all directions.

There was the yin death energy, tyrannical fire energy, arctic ice energy, and even a vast and massive power of water…

He had actually arrived in an incomprehensibly large and mystifying valley.

One side of the valley burned with an inferno of raging flames. Giant skeletons lay within these fires.

Another side was covered with 10,000 year ice. Colossal icicles rose into the air, each one encapsulating a corpse – the corpse of a coiling ridge giant.

All throughout other areas of the valley, there were scattered corpses of coiling ridge giants, their bodies still weakly shimmering with golden runes.

And beneath their feet, they could clearly feel the turbulent waters rushing about.

“This is… Ying Yang Despair Valley, Forsaken Mortal Tomb?” Xiao Moxian’s eyes popped open as she took in the scenes around her, her mind incomparably shocked.

“Be careful!” Lin Ming suddenly felt a strength sweep towards Xiao Moxian.

This strength rushed out from the flaming mountain peaks on one side of the valley. It hurtled towards Xiao Moxian as if it had a mind of its own.

After stepping into the late Divine Lord realm, Xiao Moxian’s strength was beyond ordinary. With Lin Ming’s warning, jet black flames began igniting all over her body.

The flames turned into a black fire phoenix that collided with those mountain flames.

“Mm?” Xiao Moxian originally thought she could annihilate those flames with one strike. However, she never imagined that after those flames struck her own pitch black nirvanic flames, they would be equally matched and dissipate together.

Lin Ming couldn’t help but feel some dread. Xiao Moxian’s strike right now was one that even a World King would have to spend some effort to deal with and yet it had only managed to put those flames out. If those flames had really struck Xiao Moxian, then she would have been injured.

“Big Brother Lin, this is hellfire!” Xiao Moxian was a specialist of fire. She was able to sense the strangeness of those flames just now.

This sort of flame was naturally bred by the energy of the heavens and earth and signaled the presence of a Fire Elemental. If this were several dozen years ago, this sort of fire would have been greatly beneficial to Lin Ming!

But now, this hellfire wasn’t too useful to him. Still, its presence proved that Yin Yang Despair Valley was overflowing with energy. This meant that it would be greatly advantageous to Lin Ming for refining the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill!

Lin Ming closed his eyes and cast out his sense. In this mystic realm he could feel a powerful atmosphere of Laws – this was the Asura Heavenly Dao!


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