MW Chapter 1658B

Chapter 1658B – Yin Yang Despair Valley

From a high and commanding position, Lin Ming could see that around a thousand miles away, there were several giants as high as mountains. They had lit up a raging fire that seemed to burn the heavens as they roasted a mountain-sized beast upon it.

“Brother Lin, haha! We’ve finally found the coiling ridge giants. This Yin Yang Despair Valley, Forsaken Valley Tomb is the place that they protect. We should be able to find it soon.” Xiao Moxian said, her smile reaching from ear to ear.

“Yes, but dealing with these wild giants will be troublesome…” Since Yin Yang Despair Valley was a totem-like existence that the coiling ridge giants protected, they naturally wouldn’t let outsiders enter it.

Moreover, these coiling ridge giants were one of the terrifying species that lived in the depths of the Great Desolate. Although they couldn’t be compared with God Beasts, a grown coiling ridge giant could still resist an ordinary World King. Lin Ming could deal with two or three of them, but it would be difficult if more appeared.

“We only need to follow them. According to Heaven’s Secret, the coiling ridge giants only have a small population and are almost always keeping guard over their nearby danger zones. I think the reason they came out this time is to hunt and after their hunt is complete they will return.” Lin Ming...

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