MW Chapter 1658

Chapter 1658A – Entering Despair Valley

The Asura Road had several famous danger zones. For instance, God Burying Ridge, Tragic Death Valley, the Stormy Sea and the Drifting Islands, and so forth…

Of these places, the most dangerous was Tragic Death Valley. As long as one entered it was impossible to leave. Even a peak Empyrean would perish there.

As for Yin Yang Despair Valley and the Forsaken Mortal Tomb, their infamous reputation was not as terrifying as Tragic Death Valley’s, but they still had their own peculiarities. They were lands shrouded in a gloom of mystery and magic. People only knew that these places were located deep in the Great Desolate, but without accurate information it was impossible to find their positions.

It was also because of this that Lin Ming went to Heaven’s Secret to find information.

Regarding the risks of Yin Yang Despair Valley and the Forsaken Mortal Tomb, Lin Ming wasn’t too fearful of them. Because he understood the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws he was particularly adept at dealing with the dangers in the Asura Road.

The pavilion superior pondered for a moment and then said, “About the price for information about Yin Yang Despair...

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