MW Chapter 1657

Chapter 1657 – Ancient Forbidden Land

In Tragic Death Valley, 15 years passed.

On this day, overwhelming black flames swelled up into the skies. The God Beast Tomb array formation was swept up in these flames.

Within this black sea of flames, a fiery phoenix cried out as it flew in circles in the sky. Then, it dove down, causing a violent explosion!

In this crazy storm of flames, a black-clothed girl stretched her body. As she wandered about in the star-like flames that could melt stone, she seemed like a spirit of flames.

This black-clothed girl was Xiao Moxian.

15 years later, she had stepped ahead of Lin Ming and entered the late Divine Lord realm!

As for Lin Ming, because he studied the divine runic arts, dual cultivated body and energy, and also had to practice alchemy, his speed in the essence gathering system couldn’t compare with Xiao Moxian’s.

“Big Brother Lin, I broke through!”

Xiao Moxian happily smiled as she suppressed all of the flames. With this, she would be able to help Lin Ming more in the final trial.

After breaking into the late Divine Lord realm and also having undergone her first phoenix nirvana, although Xiao Moxian was slightly weaker than Lin Ming, fighting a weaker ordinary World King wouldn’t prove a problem.

“Well done!” Lin...

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