MW Chapter 1656

Chapter 1656 – Legend of the Spiritas

Empyrean Divine Mist seemed to fall into a long period of recollection. He closed his eyes, deep in thought. After a long time he finally began to slowly say, “I cannot be sure, but if I’m not wrong, this should be the Stone of Eternal Life recorded within the Spiritas Holy Scripture. With this stone, your soul will become eternal and your life everlasting…”

“Spiritas Holy Scripture…” Lin Ming mumbled. He thought back to what he knew and faintly remembered that there was such a book.

Lin Ming had swallowed the memories of dark and perverse divine runic masters like Torchriver. And, these divine runic masters were almost nearly all spiritas. Some of them had even read duplicate copies of the Spiritas Holy Scripture and knew some of the records within. But because these memories weren’t too important to Lin Ming’s training of the divine runic arts, he hadn’t studied them, but he hadn’t tossed them away either.

Now that Empyrean Divine Mist spoke of this term, Lin Ming carefully went back through the memories he had of the Spiritas Holy Scripture.

The Spiritas Holy Scripture could be called the most mysterious and enigmatic sacred text of the spiritas....

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