MW Chapter 1655

Chapter 1655 – Seeing Empyrean Divine Mist Once Again

God Burying Ridge was located in the outer Asura Road, and the outer Asura Road was separated from the inner Asura Road by the Great Desolate. To travel through this expanse was something that not even an Empyrean could do, let alone Lin Ming.

However, Lin Ming had used part of his 5 billion points to purchase an Asura Command. Using this Asura Command, he was able to take an ancient transmission array that teleported him to the outer Asura Road.

Since he left God Burying Ridge, almost 30 years had passed.

God Burying Ridge was still a famous dangerous land within the Great Desolate. Sometimes a trial challenger received missions that sent them to the peripheries or even into God Burying Ridge itself and they would have to hire a guide or two to lead them in. Even so, there was only a narrow chance of surviving that nightmarish land.

Of course, this wasn’t a problem to Lin Ming at all.

He flew towards God Burying Ridge almost in a straight line. There simply wasn’t much that was able to hinder him.

Just an hour later, Lin Ming arrived at Tragic Death Valley.

This place hadn’t changed at all. The entrance...

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