MW Chapter 1654

Chapter 1654 – Soul Recovery Pill

When Lin Ming took out the improved Heavenly Fire Symbols in front of all the heroic elites at the celebration banquet, this caused them all to reevaluate him with a different light in their eyes. Just when they thought Lin Ming was already strong, he always managed to show that he was even stronger than they imagined, leaving them all speechless.

This celebration banquet continued deep into the night before it ended.

With this, Lin Ming fulfilled his promissory notes of 1000 divine runic symbols. As soon as the banquet ended, this news had already spread out wide into the city. As the many circles of divine runic masters learned of this, it was like a large boulder crashing into the world of divine runic arts, sending shockwaves rippling outwards.

Of course, Lin Ming didn’t bother with this. As soon as he returned from the banquet he locked himself back into his divine runic room.

He had many other tasks to complete.

Now that he had fulfilled the orders of improved Heavenly Fire Symbols and Heretical God Symbols, he could begin to handle his own business.

The first matter was to refine a Soul Recovery Pill.

This pill was to be made for Empyrean Divine Mist, whose soul force was failing.

If he...

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