MW Chapter 1653

Chapter 1653 – Celebration Banquet

This time, Lin Ming hadn’t handed over many Heretical God Symbols at the start, instead handing them all in near the end. This was a slap in the face for the divine runic masters who had doubted him.

In the early part of the first year when Lin Ming had only handed in divine runic symbols in the single digits, many divine runic masters gossiped and said that Lin Ming would definitely be unable to complete the task. There were even some people who said that if Lin Ming could finish his task, they would eat their own divine runic tables like steamed buns.

But in the end, Lin Ming had taken a year and nine months to complete the task. Without a doubt, this left all of his detractors’ faces swollen red from shame.

In their deep mortification they began to curse Lin Ming and say that he was putting on an act. If he could clearly complete them early, why would he wait until the final several months to turn them in? If this wasn’t putting on a show, what was?

But, although these divine runic masters cursed Lin Ming in their heart, they still understood that Lin Ming’s ability to draw up divine runic symbols far surpassed their imaginations!

Towards someone this young but with such an absurdly high level of talent in the divine runic arts,...

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