MW Chapter 1652

Chapter 1652 – Task Complete

“This… why is that little girl so angry?”

The two old men were somewhat depressed. It was rare for a junior to treat them like this. After such a cold reception they were really at a loss for words.

“She is complaining that we are staying out here and disturbing her.” The other old man bitterly smiled.

To squat outside one’s door every day, it wasn’t strange to arouse someone’s disgust and annoyance. If it weren’t for this being Empyrean Minor Violet’s personal command, they wouldn’t be willing to squat at the door like some beggars.

“Lin Ming seems to have pushed himself too far. I have no idea if it’s really like that little girl said and he’s investing a massive amount of energy in the improved Heavenly Fire Symbols. At the time, Empyrean Lionheart hadn’t stipulated any deadline so as long as Lin Ming isn’t foolish he shouldn’t take on too great a burden.”

“Lin Ming’s not an idiot. Empyrean Lionheart isn’t facing a war anytime soon so he has no urgent need for the divine runic symbols. To him, it shouldn’t matter if it’s three years or five years. My gut feeling tells me that there was a problem in the drawing process. That Heretical God Symbol alone has 3000 some tiny runes, enough to...

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