MW Chapter 1651

Chapter 1651 – Attention of Peers

The two old divine runic masters idled at the door for some time, clearly wanting to go in and ‘sit’. But, Lin Ming didn’t share this intention at all. After a brief conversation, he quickly came up with an excuse that he had to hurry up with the divine runic symbols and closed the door.

Looking at the closed door, the two old men glanced at each other with dismay. They were also people with status and yet they had to spend their days here guarding the door of a junior. But, there wasn’t anything they could do about it. Besides Lin Ming, who else could draw up the improved Heavenly Fire Symbol and Heretical God Symbol? Even Empyrean Minor Violet had taken an extreme liking towards Lin Ming’s divine runic symbols and would occasionally ask about them.

“The situation doesn’t seem too good…” The tall old man said, stroking his beard.

Although they didn’t enter the room they were still able to vaguely get a sense of his progress. During these past several days, Lin Ming didn’t seem to have made any headway in the production of the divine runic symbols and instead seemed to have caused some explosions in his room. That brief accident just now was not just an ordinary failure, it might have been a problem with the creation of the energy structure.

When Shadow Overflow had tried to copy Lin Ming’s divine...

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