MW Chapter 1650

Chapter 1650 – Ancient Contract

Lin Ming’s mind stirred. He took out the jade dragon horn and black dragon egg from his spatial ring. After he obtained the jade dragon horn he had placed it in his spatial ring where he was momentarily keeping the black dragon egg. Because they were now in the same space, there was clearly some change that occurred because of the mutual attraction of their dragon race auras.

The snow white dragon horn was the height of a person. But, when placed next to the dragon egg it seemed the size of a dish.

The pure black egg shell was covered with strange patterns that shifted between light and dark as if the egg were breathing. In the darkness, a soft luster formed from energy surrounded the dragon egg, forming a faint black halo.

And beneath the dragon egg, the snow white dragon horn was emitting a gentle white light.

The sharp contrast of black and white was like a glossy black gem placed in snow.

“Big Brother Lin, I feel that… the jade dragon horn’s dragon spirit has been stirred… it’s likely resonating with the little thing in the black dragon egg…”

Xiao Moxian said from behind Lin Ming. In a daze, she walked forwards and stood in front of the jade dragon ho...

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