Chapter 165 - Hollow Flame Essence

Chapter 165 – Hollow Flame Essence

Qin Ziya’s Zither Heart was similar to a martial artist’s heart of martial arts. It was an unshakeable embodiment of his will.

The first time that Lin Ming had seen Qin Ziya, he had felt a faint aura of righteousness from him, as if there was some vast wave that lay in the depths of his heart. This was Qin Ziya’s Zither Heart.

But the second time that he had seen Qin Ziya, it was different. Although his appearance, voice, temperament, and even scent were the same, he was actually missing that Zither Heart!

“I see, so it was like that. There was someone masquerading as Qin Ziya! What kind of camouflage technique could be realistic to this point? And they actually dared to pose as Qin Ziya! This person must have known that Qin Ziya had already left the Seven Profound Martial House; otherwise he would never have even an ounce of courage to pretend to be him. Qin Ziya moves around from place to place so much that not even the Allied Trade Association has the ability to find out where he is. It can only be someone high up within the Seven Profound Martial House, like Ouyang Dihua! That fake Qin Ziya might have even been Ouyang Dihua himself. He could have learned some profound and mysterious transfiguration technique from the Seven Profound Valleys to fool me.

“It seems that the Seven Profound Decree is also fake, and the whole mess with Huoluo Nation...

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