MW Chapter 1648

Chapter 1648 – All Materials Collected

“From 1.3 billion to 2 billion all of a sudden!?”

The bidders present looked towards the room that Lin Ming was in. To an Empyrean, 2 billion was an amount that would hurt but was still something they could take out. But, those that were competing for the Dragon Contract were mostly World King level characters. 2 billion points was definitely an amount that would bankrupt them.

Lin Ming had suddenly increased the bid by 700 million; it wasn’t a surprise that everyone was shocked.

“That is Lin Ming’s bid!”

“So it’s him…”

In these days, the location of Lin Ming’s ordinary room had already been memorized by many people. Lin Ming didn’t use an isolating array formation either so others were able to see him.

“Lin Ming’s bid will make anyone reconsider this auction. The highest bid Empyrean spirit treasure has only sold for 2 billion so far and that was because it was a battle between two tigers…”

The 2 billion point Empyrean spirit treasure that was referred to was the Violet Gold Spear purchased by Duke Fullmoon.

Besides Suya, no one knew that the reason the Violet Gold Spear sold for such a high price was because Lin Ming was deliberately conning Duke Fullmoon.

And in Lin Ming’s mind, the Dragon Contract was undoubtedly...

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