MW Chapter 1646

Chapter 1646 – Conditions of an Empyrean

“Little Brother Lin’s test has ended. Elder Xue, I would also like to ask you to evaluate the rank of this divine runic symbol.” Song Wen took a deep breath, his eyes excited. He had a premonition that today’s auctions would reach all new heights!

Elder Xue froze for a moment. His eyes reluctantly moved away from the illusory magic array.

“This is…” Elder Xue hesitated for several breaths of time. Then, he said, “Little friend Lin Ming, this Heretical God Symbol… how many times can it be used?”

Elder Xue’s eyes were affable as he looked at Lin Ming.

“About three or four times…” Lin Ming said after thinking about it for some time. If he used it himself, he could use it up to five times, but others didn’t have this ability. “Because it can attack and defend, the flow of energy is extremely great and the burden on the tiny runes is much larger, thus it can only be used this many times.”

Out of the three divine runic symbols that Lin Ming had improved, the Heretical God Symbol was the one that could be used the least number of times.

This was the price of great power. But, this power alone was enough to drive others crazy.

This was a top grade divine runic symbol that could even resist a Great World King!

This power was far more important than the number of times it could be used. If the power was lacking then even if it could be used several times it still wouldn’t be as useful as one tremendous attack!

“Formidable might, excellent technique… this divine runic symbol can compare to a superior sixth grade divine runic symbol in power alone, but it also has the characteristic of being offensive and defensive as well as being able to be used multiple times… and, most importantly, the restrictions to use it are far, far lower than those of a superior sixth grade divine runic symbol. Because of all of these factors, its value cannot be compared to that of an ordinary superior sixth grade divine runic symbol. It’s impossible for me to determine its exact price. I will...

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