MW Chapter 1645

Chapter 1645 – Offensive and Defensive

Deep in the yellow sands, one could see two faint tornado-like things sweep up into the air.

In the depths of these yellow tornados, two eyes shined like lanterns in the dark.

As the tornados appeared, one could see an approaching creature whose entire body was wrapped in thick earth-yellow scales, bizarre and otherworldly.

“That’s a mystic yellow tihu!”

In the audience, many people immediately recognized the vicious beast produced by the illusory magic array. The mystic yellow tihu didn’t possess a strong striking power but its defenses were extremely formidable.

Deep in the distant Great Desolate, there were powerhouses that used this vicious beast as a moving castle to lead their people around.

The defensive capabilities of this creature were several times that of an ordinary World King! It even achieved the standard of a weak Great World King!

The Divine Rune City Auction House was actually testing the Heretical God Symbol with this kind of vicious beast. If so, that meant they had full confidence in the strength of the Heretical God Symbol!

“Could it be that this Heretical God Symbol can injure a Great World King?”

The entire audience fell quiet. Many people looked at Lin Ming with rapt attention,...

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