MW Chapter 1644

Chapter 1644 – Gathering of Greats

Half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

During this period of time, the treasure fair also auctioned off many valuables treasures, all of them triggering a wave of enthusiasm.

But, what people loved to talk about the most and what attracted the most attention was an auction that had yet to begin – the Heretical God Symbol.

Half a month ago, a Divine Lord realm divine runic master called Lin Ming had used an improved Heavenly Fire Symbol and a promissory note for 500 Heavenly Fire Symbols to create a miracle in the history of the auction hall.

Now, just how amazing would this Heretical God Symbol be, one purported to be stronger than the improved Heavenly Fire Symbol?

Nearly everyone’s gaze was focused on the Heretical God Symbol that was soon to be auctioned.

During the last auction, when the improved Heavenly Fire Symbol had severely wounded a powerful vicious beast like the Golden Phoenix Crow and had even reformed multiple times afterwards, the images of this event...

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