MW Chapter 1643

Chapter 1643 – Sky High Auction Bid

“President Song, hurry up with the auction. Sir Lin has already proven his strength. If he wishes to sell those promissory notes then Setting Sun City’s Far East Family is willing to bid!”

“I am Great Yang City’s Ouyang Hou, I am also willing to…”

For a time, many people were shouting out loud, urging Song Wen to hurry with the auction.

Seeing this, Song Wen faintly smiled. “Since everyone feels this way I won’t waste your time with idle talk. The auction shall now begin. The base price is zero! Every increase in price cannot be less than 20 million!”

Zero base price?

As Song Wen’s voice fell, everyone was stirred into an uproar.

Song Wen starting the base price at zero was in order to have all the bidders lose any sort of standard in their heart. It was impossible for them to weigh the value of these 500 Heavenly Fire Symbols. Like this, it was possible to produce a sky high bid!

On the other hand, setting a high base bid at the start would cause many people to lose all courage to bid. This would dampen the atmosphere and prevent the fiery competition required.

This was the first time that Song Wen was auctioning promissory notes; before this, he had never tried before. This was simply an amazing precedent, especially for the Divine Rune City Auction House that was renowned throughout the entire inner Asura Road.

If these promissory notes had sold for a low price then the Divine Rune City Auction House would be mocked by their peers. But now, it seemed the chances of that were extremely low!

And once sold for...

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