MW Chapter 1642

Chapter 1642 – Lin Ming VS Shadow Overflow

Lin Ming took out a specialized divine runic table from his spatial ring as well as various piles of materials.

As Lin Ming took out the materials, he no longer concealed any of his actions from the spying Shadow Overflow. Shadow Overflow’s neck was stretched out like a rooster as he licked his dry lips. His complete focus was concentrated on Lin Ming’s every move lest he miss a single detail.

“The materials he uses aren’t strange; they are all materials required for drawing a Heavenly Fire Symbol. There are also several more types…” Shadow Overflow mumbled, “They aren’t too cheap but they aren’t too expensive either.”

Shadow Overflow instantly judged.

At this time Elder Xue had already picked up some of the materials and began processing them with precise skills. He removed the inferior parts of materials and then broke them down…

Lin Ming took out some nine-flame grass. His fingertips were like precise scalpels as he made an accurate cut on each blade of grass.

His soul force merged into the nine-flame grass, immediately drawing out the essence of the juice.

A strange tractive force emerged from Lin Ming’s palm, cleanly...

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