MW Chapter 1640

Chapter 1640 – Exposed

As soon as Lin Ming finished his words, Shadow Overflow’s lips twitched; he hadn’t thought that Lin Ming would suggest such a thing.

This sort of suggestion was simply being more courageous than the heavens.

When a divine runic master drew up divine runic symbols, they usually did so in the peaceful environment of a divine runic room. Even then, there was a considerable failure rate.

Moreover, this sort of improved Heavenly Fire Symbol had over 2000 tiny runes; the complexity in drawing one up surpassed the majority of sixth grade divine runic symbols!

Under the watchful gaze of the audience, what would Lin Ming do if he failed!?

If his mindset was poor then he would panic after the first failure. Moreover, in order to draw up such a complicated Heavenly Fire Symbol it would require a massive amount of Lin Ming’s soul force. Even if a peak fifth grade divine runic master were to try, they could likely only attempt it once. If they failed they would have to wait several hours for a second try, and the success rate would drop even lower!

In this sort of situation, there was no divine runic master that would attempt to draw up a divine runic symbol that reached the limits of their skill in front of a giant audience....

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