Chapter 164 - Red Lotus Demonic Inflammation

Chapter 164 Red Lotus Demonic Inflammation.


Chapter 164 – Red Lotus Demonic Inflammation

Lin Ming cursed. He hadn’t thought that the forest terrain would ruin everything that he had planned.


Although Huo Gong had wrapped his whip around the branch of a tree, his falling speed was simply too fast. The branch broke under the strain of the pull and Huo Gong fell to the ground with a very loud explosion, creating a human-shaped hole in the ground.

Huo Gong had been badly injured. His internal organs were crushed, and he had broken several ribs.

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a cruel light. He had been ready to run for his life, but now seeing that Huo Gong had been so miserably injured in the fall, he changed his mind.

Destroy him while he’s down, and eliminate the root before any more problems emerged!

If he didn’t, then Huo Gong would simply eat several top-quality pills and restore his true essence. Once that happened, he would still chase him down and murder him. Although Lin Ming had the advantage of being able to fly in the air, once his true essence was exhausted, he would inevitably fall down.

If Huo Gong followed him on ground, he would catch up sooner or later.


Lin Ming clenched his teeth and put forth 120% of his strength. He dove down like a falcon from a height of several dozen feet in the air!

He thrust his spear out in front of him. The Thunder Soul and Flame Essence...

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