MW Chapter 1639

Chapter 1639 – Doubts

At this time, the entire auction was stirred into a frenzy!

Many people stretched out their necks, waiting for the sale of the Heavenly Fire Symbol to begin!

“How come it hasn’t started? I have to buy a Heavenly Fire Symbol no matter what today!” A peak Holy Lord martial artist secretly swore to himself as he gripped his fists. He had a half-step World King blood enemy. If he had this Heavenly Fire Symbol then he would have the capital to take revenge!

It wasn’t just him who had this idea, but many others in the audience. At this time, many people who had mocked Lin Ming’s fifth grade Heavenly Fire Symbols before were now eagerly waiting to buy one of them.

There was also another group of people that were hoping to buy these fifth grade divine runic symbols and then gather a team of researchers to unravel them. If they could somehow encounter a stroke of luck and crack open its secrets then that would be worth a massive amount of wealth!

Of course, if they knew the fate that had befallen Shadow Overflow, they might not have had such thoughts.

Everyone had different thoughts, but without exception all of them were looking forwards to the auction of the Heavenly Fire Symbol, a look of hope and greed in their eyes. At the same time, the suspicious and derisive color...

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